Lord of the Rings: Tactics

Lord of the Rings: Tactics

Lord of the Rings: Tactics

Send a couple of hobbits to the worst place in middle-earth? Yeah, good tactic.

This is a perverse kind of game. And, perversely, I find myself liking it.

At first glance, you could take it as a continuing example of Electronic Arts' determination to make as much use of the Lord of the Rings licence as possible. Hell, you can guarantee that somewhere in their headquarters there's someone trying to work out a way to make a Lord of the Rings/NBA Live crossover game. It's worth recalling that the film's director, Peter Jackson, was so dispirited with the EA's games of the film that he went looking for a more emotionally adept developer to create the recent Kong game. Anything other than redoing Double Dragon and giving the characters robes instead of killer eighties retro-wear.

You get the feeling Peter Jackson wouldn't like this one. And more fool him.

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