The Lord of the Rings Online News

EverQuest is bigger than EverQuest 2

They don't make them like they used to.

Lord of the Rings Online players gather in-game to mourn the loss of Bilbo Baggins actor Ian Holm

Farewell to Middle-earth at last. I see the Star above your mast!

Subscription MMOs aren't dying, says LOTRO maker Turbine

It's those games with one way to pay that "probably" are.

More detail on LOTRO Riders of Rohan expansion

On mounted combat, and when the game ends.

LOTRO expansion Riders of Rohan has mounted combat

The Rohan region and a level 85 cap.

LOTRO Rise of Isengard expansion date

Level 75! Orthanc! Draigoch raid boss!

Turbine takes control of LOTRO Europe

Codemasters hands MMO back 1st June.

Free-to-play LOTRO sees revenues triple

Turbine making Baggins of cash.

LOTRO Isengard expansion unveiled

Orthanc: a tower wizard walls.

LOTRO: Confront Saruman next year

"Important revisions" to Monster Play, too.

LotR Online F2P delay explained

Codemasters: "Launch is imminent."

LOTRO to relaunch as free-to-play

Worldwide this autumn, DDO-style.