The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey remastered is coming to iOS "very soon"

The Longest Journey remastered is coming to iOS "very soon"

UPDATE: Now released in the UK, priced £4.99.

UPDATE 27/11/14 11.30am The Longest Journey Remastered is now available to download from the UK App Store for £4.99, Funcom has announced.

"There is no doubt The Longest Journey lends itself perfectly to mobile and tablet devices, it plays really well," said series creator Ragnar Tørnquist.

"This release will open up The Longest Journey universe to a whole new audience, but it's also a great way for veterans to experience the adventure again. It's a great springboard into Dreamfall and Dreamfall Chapters!"

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Dreamfall Chapters will be a single-player adventure game for PC and Mac

Ragnar Tornquist wants to fund it via Kickstarter.

A brand new instalment in The Longest Journey adventure series was announced last week: Dreamfall Chapters. The Longest Journey creator Ragnar Tornquist is in charge and he'll make the game at his new studio Red Thread Games. He'll also remain at Funcom overseeing the MMO he fathered, The Secret World.

Dreamfall Chapters: a new Longest Journey game by Ragnar Tornquist

He's departed Funcom to found own studio.

Update: Funcom's been in touch to clarify that Ragnar Tornquist is still very much an employee. He didn't leave to start his new company Red Thread Games: he established the company separately to get Dreamfall Chapters into pre-production. He'll combine this role with his creative director role on The Secret World for the foreseeable future.

Funcom "tinkers" on new Longest Journey

Continuation "absolutely" possible - Tornquist.

Before MMOs - before The Secret World, before Age of Conan and before Anarchy Online - Funcom was known for superb PC adventure game The Longest Journey.