Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen review

My cursor pauses, thoughtfully, above the castle map. I'm running calculations in my head, cross-referencing with a chart of my young queen's mood. I make my decision. With a gesture and a click, I consign her to spend her weekend off attending court.

I take a bite of my bagel, and watch her picture load as we begin our next week together. Her face is sad, yet obedient. The girl has become Yielding. "Yesss," I mutter, dropping crumbs of bread down the front of my dressing gown. "Let's put you to WORK."

But first, let's examine our queen's lineage. Long Live the Queen is a game of guiding a 15-year-old girl through to her coronation in exactly 40 weeks' time. It belongs to the rare genre of the life sim, the most (in)famous of which is the breathtakingly amoral Princess Maker 2.

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