The Long Dark News

The Long Dark's third story episode will no longer release this year

Episode One and Two "Redux" still due in December.

The Long Dark to receive live-action film via Resident Evil producer

Christopher Plummer narrates game's launch trailer.

The Long Dark story mode to debut this spring

Has sold over half a million copies in Early Access.

The Long Dark has sold 250k copies on Steam Early Access

Update this month will "nearly double the size of the game world."

The Long Dark release date set for Steam Early Access

Play the survival sim's endless Sandbox mode.

The Long Dark is coming to Steam Early Access in September

New trailer sure is purdy for a post-apocalypse.

The Long Dark sees light at the end of its Kickstarter campaign

Contains the voices of Shepards Fem and Bro, as well as Solid Snake.

Mass Effect voice actor Jennifer Hale joins The Long Dark

Her favourite video game on Kickstarter?

Ex-Relic, Riot, Volition and BioWare devs announce The Long Dark

A first-person survival sim set in the northern wilderness.