LocoRoco PS3 dated

In Japan, anyway.

Sony Japan has quietly let slip that LocoRoco for PS3 will be available over there on 21st September.

LocoRoco creator talks racism

Likes black ones the most.

LocoRoco creator Tsutomu Kounu has apologised for being ignorant to supposed racial stereotypes portrayed by his PSP game, but insists the black Moja characters were his favourite.

Sony quiet on LocoRoco PS3

New evidence pipes up.

More evidence has reared its blobby baldy singing face this afternoon supporting rumours that LocoRoco is on its way to PS3.

LocoRoco to return - Harrison

Oh, and early PS3 games only use half its power. Snore.

Sony worldwide studios boss Phil Harrison has said that we haven't seen the last of LocoRoco, despite the game's perceived commercial failure in the face of near-universal critical acclaim.

LocoRoco gets Christmassy

Special level due next month.

Sony plans to release a special festive-themed LocoRoco level on 11th December full of sleighs, reindeer and other Christmassy characters.

LocoRoco Halloween demo

And new firmware update.

Sony has released a special Halloween LocoRoco demo along with a new firmware update for PSP, the latter of which brings the system up to version 2.82.

LocoRoco music vid on YouTube

Little girl: Kawaii desu!

Don't ask how we found this 30-second clip of a little girl - just trust us when we tell you it's probably the most entertaining video clip involving cute children you'll come across on the internet.

Win a giant LocoRoco

Inflatable joy.

Sony and VH1 Game Break (presumably some sort of television show) are giving away a giant LocoRoco.

Is LocoRoco racist?

Man says so; others say no.

A blogger has kicked up a right old storm of controversy after suggesting that PSP puzzler LocoRoco has racist overtones.

LocoRoco European demo

On Yourpsp.com now.

European PSP owners can now download a demo of LocoRoco directly to their Memory Sticks without having to faff around with Japanese websites.



Roc 'n' roll star.

Somewhere, there's a dizzy parallel universe where there's no Radio One. No Capital Gold. No Magic FM. Where the soundtrack to everyday life throbs with manic day-glo doo-wop pop thrills and the words you hear have never been heard by mortal ears. It's a world where the smiling bubble offspring of Jeff Minter's perverted Corona dreams have to pass their fizzical by warbling joyous high pitched odes to MDMA and the wonders of surging serotonin. These amorphous blobs grin themselves to death for the love of plants. It's a happy, albeit brief existence.

Back in the real world (where the sun still shines and a little wavy pink baldy smiley man bobs from side to side on my desk), Sony has approximated this spherical servitude in the most effortlessly cheerful manner possible with one of the most perfect examples of handheld gaming ever made. Please welcome LocoRoco into your lives.

While diving for pearls among retro's cavernous past, Tsutomo Kouno has emerged with a grin every bit as wide as the lonely rolling LocoRoco you'll cherish throughout the game. Like an inspired collision of Mercury, Sonic, Katamari and Yoshi's Universal Gravitation, it feels equal part puzzle and platform game, but fresher, funnier and more satisfying than words could ever make it sound.

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FeatureThe LocoMotion

We chat to LocoRoco's Tsutomo Kouno.

While nobody would argue against celebrating the PSP for offering gamers previously unthinkable home-console-style experiences on the go, there are plenty who would contest that it hasn't brought anything new to gaming as a whole.


Some thoughts on the demo. Principally, "woot!"

I saw a poster on the Tube yesterday. No, not those stupid Orange mobile phone ones with the raccoon and dolphin and panther balloon animals that are meant to be different talk plans (the future's bright! The future's full of hot air!); it was for some film I didn't bother to remember the title of, and it said "This year's breakout cult classic! Showing soon." And I got so confused by the contradiction that I went back just to make sure it didn't say "Cos, you know, it got good reviews then nobody went to see it, but now it's BACK! FIVE THUMBS UP!" or something in small print. But it didn't. I still don't fully understand.

LocoRoco PSP demo

Download and tilt!

Sony appears to have finally woken up to the idea of downloadable PSP demos - and today's release is for one we've been looking forward to for absolutely ages, LocoRoco.

PSP to go LocoRoco

Crazy tilting action promised.

Sony has confirmed that LocoRoco, the brightly coloured PSP title that first caught our eye at last year's Tokyo Games Show, is to get a release in Europe.