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Tumbling down the chimney.

Another good thing about Christmas is that you can kiss people by holding a twig with leaves above their heads, made all the more likely by the enormous vat of incredibly pungent mulled wine stewing in the kitchen. Similarly smile-worthy is that yes there are games on PS3 to buy this year, despite what James with his rival console says in the comments section while picking his nose and flicking it at his equally spotty friend.

LocoRoco Cocoreccho

LocoRoco Cocoreccho

Interactive screensaver my foot.

LocoRoco Cocoreccho might just be the boldest PlayStation Network release yet. We all expected Sony to replace the shoulder button tilting of the PSP version with Sixaxis motion sensors and then sit back and count the money. Instead we've got an entirely different game made out of the same parts - not just a decent sequel, and certainly not an "interactive screensaver", but what's actually a better game all round.

As with the PSP game, your job is to herd little singing blobs around 2D platform levels, trying to get to the end with as many as possible in tow. But Cocoreccho gives you even less direct control. Your role is a sort of mystical butterfly, who can beckon the blobs and encourage them to jump this way and that like a flapping mentalist Pied Piper.

Left to their own devices, the blobs will happily march around a small section of the game's one big level tumbling down slides, rotating through water wheels and riding along on air currents, but by coaxing them off course at different points you bump into other, dormant LocoRoco who then spring to life and join the procession. Collect enough and you can open a gate to another section.

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LocoRoco PS3 next Thursday

Saviour of the screen.

Sony has rolled down our news hill and sung confirmation that LocoRoco Cocoreccho will be available next Thursday on the PlayStation Network.

LocoRoco PS3 not a game

But a screensaver in disguise!

Sony has revealed that LocoRoco Cocoreccho! on PS3 won't be a game, but an interactive screensaver with which you can interact. Interactively.

LocoRoco PS3 dated

In Japan, anyway.

Sony Japan has quietly let slip that LocoRoco for PS3 will be available over there on 21st September.