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LittleBigPlanet Karting Preview: A Karting Contender

In spirit, it was LittleBigPlanet Racing all along. United Front Games' 2010 DIY kart racer, Modnation Racers, was a charming if slightly unbalanced effort driven by the same 'play, create, share' philosophy that underpins Media Molecule's creations.

William Ho, design director at UFG, calls the studios "kindred spirits", beaming: "We love them. Hopefully they love us!" Ho loves lots of things. Karting, LittleBigPlanet, and LittleBigPlanet Karting, for starters, he gleefully tells a room of journalists. I kind of love his Tango-orange trainers.

Ho is infectiously, uncynically enthusiastic about everything in that American way jaded Brits cannot seem to muster unless they work in children's television. Or at Media Molecule, whose modus operandi is to find the little spark of joy in everything and share it with as many people as possible, joyfully.

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