Little Computer People

Little Computer People

Little Computer People

The Sim-ple life.

15 years before Will Wright and Maxis came up with The Sims, Activision's David Crane had a similar idea with this quirky precursor to the life-sim genre.

You couldn't really describe it as a game in the traditional sense, but the concept was so endearing that critics fawned over it back in 1985, fascinated by a project so 'out-there' that it defied categorisation - but that was typical of the incredibly ambitious nature of the US publishing giant at that point in time.

Just like The Sims, you essentially had to keep an eye on the well-being of someone while they go about their daily routine inside their house - the suspension of disbelief asked of players in LCP was that this wasn't a house, but actually the inside of your C64.

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