Lineage II News

MMO Lineage shuts down in the West

"No longer financially viable."

Largest ever Lineage II update announced

Level 99! Top-tier classes! Old-world revamp!

Seven years of City of Heroes statistics

Shares anniversary with Guild Wars, Lineage II.

Lineage II expands this month

Gracia Final brings new continent, flight.

Garriott leaves NCsoft as profits dive

"New interests" made him do it.

Lineage II gets levelling speed boost

Rest experience system introduced.

Lineage II collector's edition coming

Due 25th April, GBP 54.99.

Lineage expansion to hit shops in Feb

Complete with free game time.

Lineage II gets new race, more

Kamael expansion launches.

New Lineage chapter available

Dinosaurs and other stuff.

Interlude test server opens

Try out new Lineage II chapter.

Lineage II gets new update

New stuff and story in April.

FBI raids Lineage II rogue op

But did they get epix or phat lewt?

Lineage II gets new expansion

Chronicle 5 confirmed.

Lineage II gets new expansion

World to grow by a third.