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Limbo, Inside launch on Nintendo Switch next week

The critically-acclaimed Limbo and Inside will both launch for Nintendo Switch next week on Thursday 28th June.

Danish studio Playdead's pair of acclaimed puzzle adventures are, of course, already available on various other platforms although this is the first time either has launched for a Nintendo console.

If you haven't played either game yet and own a Switch, there now really is no excuse.

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August PlayStation Plus games revealed

Rocket League out, Limbo (PS4) and God of War: Ascension in.

From 4th August there will be a new batch of free games for members of PlayStation Plus. The biggest are God of War: Ascension for PS3 and Limbo for PS4.

Limbo headed for PlayStation 4, too

UPDATE: Noir you see it - available today.

UPDATE 25/2/15 4.20pm: Without fanfare, Limbo has quietly launched today on PlayStation 4. You can buy it now via the PlayStation Store for £7.39.

Limbo launches for everyone on Xbox One this Friday

Limbo launches for everyone on Xbox One this Friday

Along with mobile hit Threes and Boom Ball Kinect.

The Xbox One version of cult platforming hit Limbo will be available to buy for everyone on Friday, Microsoft has confirmed.

Early Xbox One adopters who had used their console during its launch weekend were gifted a free copy of the game a couple of weeks ago.

Also arriving on the Xbox Games Store this Friday are mobile puzzler Threes and the motion-sensing Boom Ball Kinect, a message posted to the ID@Xbox Twitter account revealed.

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Limbo launches on Xbox One free for early adopters

Limbo launches on Xbox One free for early adopters

UPDATE: Who received copies? Here's the low down.

UPDATE 25/11/14 12.05pm Microsoft has confirmed that its recent surprise free gift of Limbo was sent to anyone who used their Xbox One during the console's launch weekend.

The platformer's new Xbox One port will be made available to purchase for everyone else "soon".

"We're looking forward to launching Limbo on Xbox One," a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer. "As a thank you to our earliest adopters, fans who played their Xbox One the first weekend of launch received early, free access to the game.

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Blacklight: Retribution, Primal Carnage: Genesis confirmed for PS4

Blacklight: Retribution, Primal Carnage: Genesis confirmed for PS4

Divekick, Limbo, Spelunky, more set for PS3 and PS Vita.

At the Game Developers Conference this evening Sony announced a number of new PlayStation games.

The PlayStation 4 will get Blacklight: Retribution and Primal Carnage: Genesis courtesy of Sony's Pub Fund, which is being continued as the company looks to make it easier for developers to self-publish on PlayStation.

Zombie Studios' Blacklight: Retribution is a free-to-play first-person shooter that first released in April 2012 on PC. There's a PS4 trailer below.

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Limbo was nearly a PSN exclusive

Limbo was nearly a PSN exclusive

Sony wanted the IP, Playdead wouldn't give it up.

Haunting XBLA hit Limbo was almost a PSN exclusive, but Sony's request for the rights to the IP caused developer Playdead to sign on with Microsoft instead.

"We had issues when we were trying to sign Limbo because of the IP," said Sony Computer Entertainment executive producer Pete Smith, speaking at last week's Develop Conference in Brighton, as reported by Edge.

Sony now regrets passing on the game - much as it did with Demon's Souls - because Limbo found huge commercial success, selling 300,000 copies in its first month on XBLA July 2010, and over a million by last November. It still sold well on PSN - where it was the highest-selling third-party PSN game of 2011, but there's no doubt that it would have sold much better on Sony's platform had it arrived there first.

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Limbo Special Edition out now

Includes a soundtrack, 3D glasses and a Steam gift key.

A Limited Edition boxed release of atmospheric puzzle/platformer Limbo is out now, developer Playdead has announced.

Humble Indie Bundle 5 breaks records

Latest pack raises $5.1 million from 600,000 downloads.

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle has proven to be the most successful release in the series to date, organisers have announced.

New details on Limbo's

New details on Limbo's "spiritual successor" emerge - report

Bleak artwork surfaces from Playdead's Project 2.

Danish studio Playdead's follow-up to its critically acclaimed debut Limbo will be a 2.5D platformer rendered in full colour, according to a new report.

Citing information gleaned from a Danish government grant site, Kotaku has written that the game, currently codenamed Project 2, "tells the story of a boy's struggle against evil forces trying to take over the world through questionable experiments on human bodies."

Its intended platforms are listed as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac. See above for an accompanying piece of concept art.

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Limbo gets Mac release

On App Store now, Steam release next month.

Mac users can finally get their hands on lauded indie platformer Limbo, developer Playdead has announced.

Limbo racks up one million sales

Limbo racks up one million sales

Success allows Playdead to buy its independence.

Artful indie platformer Limbo has just passed the one million sales mark, developer Playdead has announced.

Apparently it's been played by gamers in 153 countries, in nine languages, across three platforms.

Off the back of its success, the Danish studio has been able to purchase full control of the company from its early investors.

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Digital sales to overtake boxed sales by 2015 - survey

Digital sales to overtake boxed sales by 2015 - survey

But there will always be a place for the high street.

Digital sales of video games will overtake boxed product sales by 2015, a new survey predicts.

Over 57 per cent of over 1000 industry executives surveyed by the London Games Conference said digital will overtake boxed by 2015.

16 per cent said it will take only a year. 39 per cent - the most - said during 2013.

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Limbo dev's next is 3.5 years away

Playdead: "A good game takes time."

Limbo developer Playdead's next project "will take at least three and a half years", so says the Danish studio's co-founder Dino Patti.

Why Microsoft won't publish PSN firsts

Demands release date, content parity.

Downloadable games must ship on Xbox Live Arcade at least simultaneously with competing platforms or Microsoft may refuse to publish them, Eurogamer can reveal.

Out This Week - 22/07/11

Juarez! Insect Armageddon! PS3 Double Packs!

This week sees gaming's first Western since last year's epic Red Dead Redemption. Can Call of Juarez: The Cartel compete? The third entry in Techland's cowboy series is taking a very bold tack - uprooting the shooting from the genre's classic timeframe and dumping gamers in the modern day.

Limbo on PS3, Steam: why now?

End of Xbox 360 exclusivity opens door.

Limbo developer Playdead has explained why it has taken a year for superb downloadable game Limbo to launch on the PlayStation Network and Steam.

Limbo PSN, Steam release dates

Limbo PSN, Steam release dates

Developer promises a "little extra secret".

Playdead Games has announced the release dates for the PlayStation Network and Steam versions of stunning downloadable game Limbo.

Limbo launches on PSN on 19th July in the US, and 20th July in Europe.

It goes live on Steam worldwide on 2nd August.

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Limbo confirmed for PSN, Steam

Limbo confirmed for PSN, Steam

Bleak-but-brilliant adventure out soon.

Limbo developer Playdead has confirmed that its acclaimed Xbox Live Arcade adventure is coming to both PlayStation Network and Steam alter this year.

The news comes after a Korean Ratings Board listing for a PS3 version of the game was spotted earlier this week.

According to Joystiq, Playdead is handling both ports. No release date was confirmed, but they're expected "very soon".

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Limbo, Trials, 'Splosion Man hit retail

XBLA collection heading to US stores.

Formerly download-only indie gems Limbo, Trials HD and 'Splosion Man are to get a full US retail release in a forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade triple pack.

Mass Effect 2 is AIAS game of the year

But game Oscars dominated by Red Dead.

Red Dead Redemption was the most prolific winner at this year's AIAS (Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences) Interactive Achievement Awards - gaming's equivalent of the Oscars.

Limbo team unveils its next project

Limbo team unveils its next project

Multi-platform release hinted at.

Playdead Studios, the developer behind hit Xbox Live Arcade platformer Limbo, has announced that it's working on a brand new IP.

The Danish studio's CEO Dino Patti told Joystiq, "I can't tell much, but I can tell you that if you liked Limbo, it'll definitely be for you. The gameplay style you'll really like. You'll feel it's the same team who made it, but everything will be changed."

Patti went on to explain Limbo was an Xbox exclusive because Playdead "used a lot of time and a lot of money" developing the game and he hoped it would help "get the money back."

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Limbo won XBLA summer by miles

Phil Spencer says it's his GOTY.

Haunting 2D platform puzzle game Limbo was the big winner in this year's Summer of Arcade promotion on Xbox Live Arcade according to Microsoft's Phil Spencer.

Lara Croft a four-week Xbox 360 exclusive

Lara Croft a four-week Xbox 360 exclusive

A requirement for Summer of Arcade games.

Downloadable Tomb Raider game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will be exclusively available on the Xbox 360 for at least four weeks.

This is a requirement of all games that are a part of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade promotion, Crystal Dynamics told Eurogamer in a new interview.

Guardian of Light will be released on Xbox Live on 18th August for 1200 Microsoft Points (£10).

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