App of the Day: Lightopus

App of the Day: Lightopus

Underwater love.

Let's be honest: there's something faintly urethral about the stuff that turns up at the bottom of the sea. Am I floating around in the balmy deeps of the Pacific, or am I, you know, busily swimming through someone's groin? It all gets rather hard to tell down there, where the fish have long tails and weird heads, and the water grows cloudy with minerals.

In the hands of another developer, then - oh, let's try and imagine that PomPom had a go at it - Lightopus could be properly disgusting. With Appxplore and Bulkypix in charge, though, it's pretty, evocative, and rather dreamy instead. It's a quick neon safari, or a glimpse into a stylish and quietly orderly aquarium.

Lightopus is a zone-inducing arcade game based around collection and simple combat. You're the last of your kind - don't panic, I'm still talking about the game - and your job is to swim through an underwater abyss collecting little tadpole children, presumably so you can go and thrive and multiply somewhere dark and warm and then spill out horrifically when I duck under my sink to see what's causing that blockage. Your children are called bulbies - still talking about the game - and once you've collected them from little pods scattered around Lightopus' pretty, rather open-plan arenas, they'll follow along after you in bright, shimmering swarms.

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