LEGO Universe News

Lego Minifigures MMO announced by The Secret World dev

Will it succeed where Lego Universe failed?

Lego Universe to close in January

Failed to build "a satisfactory revenue model."

Staff shed at LEGO Universe dev NetDevil

What now for Jumpgate: Evolution?

LEGO Universe due in October

With early access for LEGO fans.

LEGO Universe subscriptions priced

Preorders open, due "autumn 2010".

First LEGO Universe gameplay details

How the pieces fit together.

LEGO MMO will break generational divide

NetDevil man expects son and gran to play.

Marvel Universe to return in new deal

Startup publisher also has LEGO MMO.

LEGO Universe headed to consoles?

Not in development, but "on radar".

LEGO Universe won't be out this year

Too much else going on, say brick-makers.

Lego to do physical versions of MMO chars

You'll be able to design one and have it made.

Lego man reveals more of new MMO

"Coming soon" to PC and subs-based.