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Lego Minifigures MMO announced by The Secret World dev

Lego Minifigures MMO announced by The Secret World dev

Will it succeed where Lego Universe failed?

The Secret World developer Funcom is developing a new Lego MMO based around the best-selling Minifigures toy range.

The MMO will become a "prominent part" of the Lego Minifigures experience, Funcom has stated. It will bolster the toy range's current online offering, which includes Flash games, competitions and a way to track your own Minifigure collection.

Funcom is focusing on "maximum accessibility", and will develop the MMO to be "available to consumers in their online channels", a statement on the company's website read.

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LEGO Universe due in October

With early access for LEGO fans.

The LEGO Group has announced that LEGO Universe will launch in October in the US and "Western" Europe, including the UK.

First LEGO Universe gameplay details

First LEGO Universe gameplay details

How the pieces fit together.

Colorado developer NetDevil has been showing off LEGO Universe gameplay for the first time in San Francisco this week, and Eurogamer was there to see it in action.

An ambitious MMO that attempts to pull all the disparate themes of the LEGO System into one cohesive world, the game is pitched somewhere between Second Life and World of Warcraft, and has been in development for more than three and a half years. It's due for release on PC next year, with a console version a possibility.

It's clear that NetDevil has an epic story in mind - the game opens on the bridge of a starship that's in the process of being ripped apart by a black hole. The black hole has destroyed the LEGO Universe, and you've got to put it back together. The first order of business is constructing a rocket ship (the method of travel between all of the game's different worlds) to escape the gaping darkness.

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LEGO MMO will break generational divide

NetDevil man expects son and gran to play.

NetDevil believes MMO LEGO Universe can break apart the generational divide that exists between technologically adept children and their Neanderthal parents.

Marvel Universe to return in new deal

Startup publisher also has LEGO MMO.

It's not often that a new publisher appears out of nowhere with seven MMOs up its sleeve. It's even less often that one of them is a high-profile resurrection of a canned title. Yesterday, Gazillion Entertainment announced that it existed, and was bringing back Marvel Universe.

LEGO Universe headed to consoles?

Not in development, but "on radar".

A LEGO Group executive has told MTV that the company is "definitely" interested in bringing its LEGO Universe MMO to consoles.

LEGO Universe won't be out this year

Too much else going on, say brick-makers.

The LEGO Group has confirmed what many suspected - LEGO Universe, the MMO game in development with US studio NetDevil, won't see the light of day this year.

Lego man reveals more of new MMO

"Coming soon" to PC and subs-based.

Lego bigwig Mark Hansen has provided fresh details on forthcoming PC MMO Lego Universe at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.