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LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman

Bruce almighty.

I always used to wish that some enterprising developer would take the openworld template of Grand Theft Auto and apply it to Batman. Not just any Batman, but specifically the wonderful 1960s TV Batman, with his outrageous rogue's gallery of villains, slapstick humour and an appropriately titled gadget for every occasion. Roaming a virtual Gotham, you'd foil plots by villains both famous and infamous by land, sea and air. Heck, you could even get Adam West and Burt Ward to reprise their roles in voiceover.

Of course, Batman is all dour and gritty these days so the chances of that ever happening are lower than Joel Schumacher being asked to direct the sequel to The Dark Knight. I'm not so bothered though, since Traveller's Tales has pretty much given me the game I always dreamed of.

Okay, there's no Adam West voiceover - no voices at all, as is customary for the LEGO games - and the music is taken from the Tim Burton movies rather than Neal Hefti's iconic TV theme, but this is unmistakably a game that draws the majority of its inspiration from the knowingly camp superhero spoof that many Bat-fans have spent decades foolishly trying to live down. From the general tone to overt references, this is a game that remembers when superheroes were fun.

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