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OnLive "can't predict" when iPad app will launch

You can't buy games from within iOS app.

OnLive has no idea when its iPad app will launch.

Following this morning's announcement that the cloud gaming service had begun rolling out on tablet devices, users noticed only the Android version was available.

Now, over 14 hours later, the iOS app is yet to materialise.

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Lego Batman 2, Hobbit tie-in incoming

Warner Bros. talks 2012 plans.

Lego Batman 2 and a videogame based on Peter Jackson's impending The Hobbit movie are among Warner Bros Interactive's plans for 2012, the publisher has revealed.

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 17

Digital FoundryXbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 17

LOTR Conquest, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, Saints Row 2 and loads more.

It's the first face-off of the New Year and with it, the opportunity to bring the cold, hard, iron first of order to the games cupboard by rounding up the games we really should have covered by now, but didn't for reasons too numerous and too tedious to get into. It's also the chance to take a look at how the first high profile release of 2009 - EA's Lord of the Rings: Conquest - measures up under Eurogamer's unyielding scrutiny.

As we've got a lot of software to get through, we've bumped up the interesting games to the front of the feature, then grouped together the rest in the form of smaller, round-up featurettes at the end. However, as per the norm, all games get the full screenshot gallery treatment - captures losslessly derived from the HDMI ports of both consoles at full range 24-bit RGB precision. Where PS3 outputs a 1080p signal on any given game, additional galleries are provided, along with their 360 counterparts.

For the headline games there's also the customary video coverage. Set your Flash Player to 'high quality' to appreciate the full might of h264 encoding, or check out the author's blog if you want to download bandwidth-saturating full-HD versions running in real time, optimised for playback on PS3, Xbox 360 and dual-core PCs.

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GTI Club and friends in PSN update

GTI Club and friends in PSN update

LEGO Batman demo, GRID DLC, etc.

GTI Club + Rally Cote D'Azur takes a bow on PlayStation Network today along with a demo of LEGO Batman and add-ons for the likes of Race Driver: GRID and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Konami's spirited remake of the arcade machine of the same name nicks the gameplay and splatters it lovingly across more up to date graphics in a way that made us quite tingly in our 7/10 review, which should not be seen as too off-putting. We're looking forward to more tracks and other content.

Meanwhile, there's another couple of PSone games (Red Alert Retaliation and Jet Rider - classics, we're sure you'll agree) and of course the requisite downloadables for Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band.

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LEGO Batman bags kids' BAFTA

New title due next year, says TT.

LEGO Batman scooped the videogame gong at last night's EA British Academy Children's Awards, at a celeb-packed bash in London's swanky Park Lane Hilton.

LEGO Batman held off by FIFA

You must be Joker! Top 40 inside.

FIFA 09 has reached top spot in the the UK All-Formats Top 40 chart for a second week, holding off newcomer LEGO Batman in the process.

LEGO Batman

LEGO Batman

Bruce almighty.

I always used to wish that some enterprising developer would take the openworld template of Grand Theft Auto and apply it to Batman. Not just any Batman, but specifically the wonderful 1960s TV Batman, with his outrageous rogue's gallery of villains, slapstick humour and an appropriately titled gadget for every occasion. Roaming a virtual Gotham, you'd foil plots by villains both famous and infamous by land, sea and air. Heck, you could even get Adam West and Burt Ward to reprise their roles in voiceover.

Of course, Batman is all dour and gritty these days so the chances of that ever happening are lower than Joel Schumacher being asked to direct the sequel to The Dark Knight. I'm not so bothered though, since Traveller's Tales has pretty much given me the game I always dreamed of.

Okay, there's no Adam West voiceover - no voices at all, as is customary for the LEGO games - and the music is taken from the Tim Burton movies rather than Neal Hefti's iconic TV theme, but this is unmistakably a game that draws the majority of its inspiration from the knowingly camp superhero spoof that many Bat-fans have spent decades foolishly trying to live down. From the general tone to overt references, this is a game that remembers when superheroes were fun.

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LEGO Batman cartoon in works

Uses TT's game engine.

Not content with the stratospheric success it's enjoyed in gaming circles, Traveller's Tales is turning its licence-to-print-money LEGO formula into a US cartoon, built using the Batman game engine.

LEGO Batman

We've Gotham brief first impressions.

Thank goodness for Traveller's Tales. Thank goodness for the LEGO games. Or, to be more exact, thank goodness the LEGO games work on a certain relative's six-year-old children during unplanned weekend babysitting duty, because Manhunt 2 was the only other option, and the reaction to a not-as-dusty-as-you-think Rainbow Islands was "this is a game for babies". Hearing this wounds to the core (perhaps the hardcore), but as soon as LEGO Star Wars II is dragged out of the cupboard, suddenly videogames are good again.

FeatureLEGO Batman

Dinner time.

If you're a cynic, you're probably thinking LEGO Batman will just be LEGO Star Wars with less lightsabers and more capes. If you're a LEGO Star Wars fan, you're probably hoping that's the case. Well, there are certainly similarities - expect lots of running and jumping, puzzle solving, collecting and LEGO construction. But as producer Loz Doyle was keen to point out when Warner Bros. showed off the game recently, there's new stuff here too.

Warner Bros. buys TT Games

LEGO titles unharmed.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is shelling out piles of money to acquire developer Traveller's Tales and its parent company TT Games, reports.

Of all PlayStation 3's forthcoming releases, the most interesting and significant is neither a game nor for sale. Home, Sony's more structured, sanitised and solid attempt at a Second Life world might seem innocuous enough but with the screenshots of its cinema space and the implied possibility of fully downloadable movies, there's the chance it might eventually outgrow even its host platform in significance.

Feature360: 2007's Most Wanted

What will you be getting for Christmas?

A Most Wanted list you say? Cripes, whatever next: a Tips and Cheats pamphlet to go with Eurogamer's promotional Pacman Beach Ball cover mount? Still, it's the summer, there are precious few games around and, with an awful lot of new titles coming up towards the end of the year you might quite reasonably want to know which ones to keep an eye on.