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We have an odd relationship with gambling in the UK. You'd be hard-pressed to find a high street or city centre that doesn't have at least a couple of bookmakers' shops mixed into it, offering bets on everything from horse racing and football to whether or not Kate Winslet will cry if she wins an Oscar (yes that was a real thing). But how does esports fit in?

In recent weeks Eurogamer has closely followed the debate surrounding video game loot boxes and in-game gambling. We've investigated the legislation around the issue, reported on the government's response to direct questioning and investigated how developers could react to stricter regulation. But what about the people who actually spend money on loot boxes?

The Eurogamer podcast is back (again!)

We talk The Witness, visiting Riot Games, and virtual reality.

After receiving literally several requests to reboot the podcast, we're doing just that. We had a lovely time recording this one-off special at last year's EGX and a bunch of the Eurogamer staff - including myself - have missed being able to sit down and chat video games for around an hour or so.

In the brief history of professional League of Legends, there might not be another European player who generated as much hype and excitement as Martin 'Rekkles' Larsson. When he debuted for Fnatic in 2014 - a proud eSports organization that predates League, and whose team won the first-ever LoL world title - it was supposed to the mark the start of a new era.

FeatureA league of their own

From the archive: Backstage in the League of Legends phenomenon, and front seat at its world championships.

Every Sunday we plunder our archives to bring you a feature you may have originally missed, or perhaps would like to read again. This week, we go back to October 2012, where Simon Parkin reports from the frontline of League of Legend's competitive scene.

FeatureLeague of Legends: Dominion

LoLers divide and conquer.

For many games or sports, one playing field is quite enough. A rugby, football or hockey pitch need never change, while the ageless simplicity of the chessboard belies the complexity of the many matches that have been fought across it.

Warrior Epic & League of Legends

Diablo and DotA for the free-to-play generation?

In simple terms, GOA is a games publisher - but it's more accurate to picture the French outfit as a service provider. That makes sense when you consider its parent company, Orange, but it still sounds like a foreign concept in videogaming. It really shouldn't, however, and it won't for much longer.