League of Evil 2

App of the Day: League of Evil 2

App of the Day: League of Evil 2

Boffin-socking platform-hopping.

You've got to feel a bit sorry for scientists. Not only are they harried and hassled by big business when they're trying to spread the truth but, one theoretical physicist aside, our real-life heroes are the nefarious antagonists of too many games to count. In League of Evil 2, there's one of them on every stage.

And the objective, from first to last, is to punch that scientist so hard their body explodes into jelly and component organs. They don't attack you. They just stand there, peering through jamjar specs and clutching a clipboard. But every single time one is found, you will, without hesitation or mercy, end their existence with honed prejudice.

League of Evil 2 is a game that inclines sharply, quickly moving through tricky to frustrating and ending up as merciless torture. Those scientists have built each level to protect themselves from your fists of justice, and so it's hard to feel much apart from blind rage when you find them. These moments of bone-crunching catharsis are League of Evil 2's little drug - a brief joy, followed by the pain of finding the next hit.

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