Law & Order: LA

Telltale: Licensed games aren't dead

Simpsons, South Park deals on its wishlist.

A number of publishers have recently proclaimed that the traditional movie tie-in's days are numbered. Not only do they routinely getting a critical shoeing but people just aren't buying them anymore.

Telltale announces Law & Order: LA

Telltale announces Law & Order: LA

World's busiest dev takes on US cop show.

US police procedural drama Law & Order: LA is the latest project to be added to Telltale Games' bulging to-do list.

The industrious Sam & Max/Tales of Monkey Island developer today announced it's working on a series of episodic games based on the show for PC, consoles, mobile and tablets.

Due out later this year, the games will follow the investigations of Detective Ricardo Morales and Tomas 'TJ' Jaruszalski. As in the show, interrogation, sleuthing and courtroom drama will all play a key role.

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