The Last Story News

Looks like Final Fantasy creator Sakaguchi's next game is Terra Battle

UPDATE: Yes, it's Terra Battle and yes, it's for smartphones.

Publisher Paradox: GAME was a bully, this is "karma"

"Now it comes back to bite them on the ass."

Sakaguchi has faith in current Final Fantasy producer

But occasionally "complains a little bit".

GAME: "we can't stock absolutely everything"

Shop talks cancelled pre-orders, Tekken 3DS, Ubisoft's Vita titles and game prices.

Final Fantasy creator's next project is a surfing iPhone game

Sakaguchi "really tired" of talking about Final Fantasy.

Sakaguchi: "excessive" HD graphics distract developers

Final Fantasy's father argues gameplay must come first.

The Last Story release date announced

Has deathmatch, team deathmatch and co-op online multiplayer.

Nintendo confirms Wii JRPGs for Europe

Last Story, Pandora's Tower in 2012.

Nintendo disappoints US fan campaign

No plans to release Last Story, Xenoblade.

Nintendo acknowledges fan movement

"Look for more updates to come soon!"

Fans spam Nintendo for Last Story release

Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower demanded too.

The Last Story tops Japan charts

Plus, Dragon Age: Origins cracks top 10.

Sakaguchi: JRPGs need to change

Should focus on feelings and detail.

The Last Story not heading west

No plans for a US, EU launch.

The Last Story MP options detailed

Versus and co-op Raid modes explained.

The Last Story is 30 hours long

Has online, new game plus.

Sakaguchi sounds ready to retire

The Last Story could be his last effort.