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Crystal Dynamics' first go at the Tomb Raider license must have been terrifying. Such an enormously famous series in the hands of Core, so spectacularly falling to pieces after Angel Of Darkness, Tomb Raider was at once one of the most famous franchises in the world and one of the most despised. Lara overkill combined with the unmitigated disaster of its sixth game meant that it was something of a poisoned chalice that was handed to the Californian developers, and the result is a fascinating combination of fervent loyalty to the series mixed in with some interesting new ideas.

Tomb Raider is back on track. Following 2003's berated and broken Angel of Darkness, which saw Eidos relieve Core Design of its duties and ship Ms. Croft over to Crystal Dynamics, the series has made a solid return to form. Tomb Raider Legend was a promising if cautious reinvention, while Anniversary was a glorious update of the original game. This week sees the release of Underworld, the ninth game in the series.

FeatureLiving Legend

Ian Livingstone on why Lara's still going strong.

In part 1 of our interview, published yesterday, Ian Livingstone discussed Eidos' future plans and his thoughts on the next-gen console battle. Here, he reveals more about his work with the Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival, plans for a third Tomb Raider movie and a 10th anniversary game, and why the evolution of E3 is good news for publishers.

FeatureAnimal Crossing closes gap on Lara

Vivendi still chilling out in second place.

No change at the top of the charts this week, as Tomb Raider Legend clings on to first place for the third consecutive week, despite sales dropping by more than half over the Easter break.

It's another legendary week for Eidos as Lara Croft picks off the competition to retain the top spot, new entries from several publishers failing to make an impact on the re-shuffled top ten listing.

FeatureUK Charts: Eidos hails the return of a legend

Ladies first as Lara shifts three times more units than The Godfather.

The top spot in the all format charts goes to everyone's favourite heroine this week, as Tomb Raider: Legend significantly outsells The Godfather - pushing EA's mobster adventure back into second place.

Tomb Raider: Legend

Hands-on with the PS2 version. She cleans up good.

Lara couldn't be much farther away from the Parisian night if she tried. Some of us may be in Leipzig, but Lara's in Africa. And, just as they said she would be, Lara is back to her old tricks - leaping from ledge to ledge, solving ancient puzzles and dancing through traps that would've claimed Indiana Jones many times over. She's not just clinging on any more; she's clinging on, hauling herself up, jumping and tumbling past circular blades and then using her new multi-purpose grapple hook to smoothly swing across a spike trap with a rope - all in one fluid motion. Those of you hoping for something closer to the Prince of Persia may yet be satisfied.