L.A. Noire Videos

VideoLA Noire unearths PC launch trailer

Complete Edition available this week.

VideoLA Noire Electroplating DLC case vid

Arson desk mission added next week.

VideoL.A. Noire trailer details Rockstar Pass

DLC! Pre-order bonuses! More DLC!

Digital FoundryL.A. Noire: In-Game Timelapse

An alternative version of our timelapse edit.

Digital FoundryL.A. Noire: World in Motion Timelapse

Game engines as art, this time with Rockstar's L.A. Noire.

Digital FoundryL.A. Noire Gameplay PS3/360 Performance Analysis

The same sections of gameplay subjected to DF analysis.

Digital FoundryL.A. Noire Like-for-Like PS3/360 Performance Analysis

The exact same clips on PS3/360 put to the test.

Digital FoundryL.A. Noire Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

Comparison footage of Rockstar's 40s themed epic.

VideoInvestigate this new L.A. Noire footage

Cole Phelps digs for clues.

VideoLatest L.A. Noire footage lands

Agent Phelps takes on Vice.

VideoL.A. Noire's Slip of the Tongue trailer

Play.com exclusive mission detailed.

VideoLatest L.A. Noire gameplay footage

Investigation and interrogation detailed.

VideoL.A. Noire video shows Naked City

Model suicide mission a GAME exclusive.

VideoFirst LA Noire gameplay trailer

Rockstar shows off lavish crime epic.

VideoRockstar shows amazing LA Noire tech

Has The Uncanny Valley been bridged?