L.A. Noire Videos

Video | LA Noire unearths PC launch trailer

Complete Edition available this week.

Video | LA Noire Electroplating DLC case vid

Arson desk mission added next week.

Video | L.A. Noire trailer details Rockstar Pass

DLC! Pre-order bonuses! More DLC!

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire: In-Game Timelapse

An alternative version of our timelapse edit.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire: World in Motion Timelapse

Game engines as art, this time with Rockstar's L.A. Noire.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire Gameplay PS3/360 Performance Analysis

The same sections of gameplay subjected to DF analysis.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire Like-for-Like PS3/360 Performance Analysis

The exact same clips on PS3/360 put to the test.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

Comparison footage of Rockstar's 40s themed epic.

Video | Latest L.A. Noire footage lands

Agent Phelps takes on Vice.

Video | L.A. Noire's Slip of the Tongue trailer

Play.com exclusive mission detailed.

Video | Latest L.A. Noire gameplay footage

Investigation and interrogation detailed.

Video | L.A. Noire video shows Naked City

Model suicide mission a GAME exclusive.

Video | First LA Noire gameplay trailer

Rockstar shows off lavish crime epic.

Video | Rockstar shows amazing LA Noire tech

Has The Uncanny Valley been bridged?