L.A. Noire


Feature | Rockstar's history of America

What do Rockstar games tell us about American history?

LA Noire Street Crimes explained: What to expect from each Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Arson side-quest

Know what you're getting yourself in for before answering that radio.

LA Noire Newspaper locations - Where to find all 13 Newspapers

A list of all cases where you'll find the optional collectables.

Digital Foundry | LA Noire's Switch port tested: could the system handle GTA5?

Rockstar's debut Switch offering reveals the challenges facing a potential port.

Rockstar Games Collection revealed, due in early November

Contains RDR, GTA Episodes, LA Noire, and Midnight Club: LA.

Feature | Night and the City

From the archive: Chris Donlan plays through L.A. Noire with his dad, who grew up in the city in the 1940s.

PS3 digital download prices slashed in US Ultimate Edition sale

UPDATE: Promotion not coming to UK, Sony says.

LA Noire: Touch Edition announced for OnLive

Rockstar crime epic optimised for Android play.

Rockstar mulling LA Noire 2 development

"Considering what the future may hold" for series.

L.A. Noire sales near 5 million mark

Team Bondi title was best-selling new IP of 2011.

The best selling UK video games of 2011

All together, and platform by platform.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Bring On The Next Generation

Before the games industry really loses it mojo.

Brendan McNamara's next game is called Whore of the Orient

Mad Max maker George Miller picks up rights.

Feature | L.A. Forensic: Brendan McNamara on L.A. Noire

Interrogations, open worlds and that ending.

Feature | Brendan McNamara: "I'd rather people just ring me up and tell me to f*** off"

The controversial L.A. Noire developer faces the music in this frank new interview.

McNamara: why you thought LA Noire's characters were "dead from the neck down"

Plus, why Cole Phelps is sometimes a bit of a psycho.

Video | LA Noire unearths PC launch trailer

Complete Edition available this week.

Why LA Noire PC edition is late

Dev not started until console DLC done.

Liquidators to close Team Bondi

Administration at an end.

LA Noire: Complete Edition confirmed

Rockstar names date, system specs, pricing.

LA Noire Complete Edition spotted

November. Bundles DLC. On PC.

Uncharted 3's Nolan North on LA Noire

Does the motion capture shape up?

Xbox Live Marketplace schedule update

Radiant Silvergun, ITSP DLC, more.

Happy Feet Two: The Videogame

With a little help from ex-L.A. Noire devs?

L.A. Noire dev Team Bondi selling up

To Mad Max maker George Miller.

Take-Two: Duke Nukem will be profitable

L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption sales.

Embattled Team Bondi seeking buyer?

Mad Max creator George Miller interested.

EU PlayStation Store update 27th July

Annihilation! NFS sale! LA Noire DLC!

Rockstar's Housers in MediaGuardian 100

L.A. Noire helps brothers to 27th.

Bondi cut LA Noire desks to fit Blu-ray

"There might have been a better arc."

LA Noire tops Japanese chart

inFamous 2 also makes strong debut.

EU PlayStation Store update 13th July

LA Noire: Reefer! Free MotorStorm DLC!

LA Noire Reefer Madness screenshots

New DLC crashing your joint today.

Out This Week - 15/07/11

Harry Potter! Captain America!

Feature | Beachside Burnout

The Team Bondi revelations shock few in the industry and that is a shameful thing.

Feature | L.A. Noire: The Team Bondi Emails

Documents and testimony expose the developer's broken relationship with Rockstar.

Rockstar's "disdain" for LA Noire dev

"Will not publish Team Bondi's next game."

LA Noire developer investigated by IGDA

Brutal working conditions looked into.

LA Noire dev responds to controversy

Boss McNamara faces talk of exploitation.

Rockstar announces LA Noire for PC

Autumn launch clued up with 3D support.

EU PlayStation Store update 22nd June

Sonic Generations gets PS3 demo.

LA Noire Electroplating DLC screens

Explosive new case out today.

LA Noire working practices questioned

Gruelling hours affected dev "sanity".

New LA Noire update goes live

Physics tweaked, bugs fixed.

Video | LA Noire Electroplating DLC case vid

Arson desk mission added next week.

Duke nukes Take-Two share price

Could LA Noire have done better?

LA Noire, Brink top May US charts

NPD: "Sales of the 3DS were light."

UK Top 40: LA Noire locked in first

Hunted fails to forge top ten spot.

100 staff cut from LA Noire credits

Former workers list missing names.

Video | L.A. Noire trailer details Rockstar Pass

DLC! Pre-order bonuses! More DLC!

LA Noire Reefer Madness DLC dated

Plus: Rockstar clarifies the Pass.

LA Noire Rockstar Pass released on Xbox

New "Reefer Madness" DLC outed.

UK Top 40: LA Noire steals second week

DiRT 3 roars into second place.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire Timelapse: World in Motion

A beautiful video tour of 1940s Los Angeles.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire: In-Game Timelapse

An alternative version of our timelapse edit.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire: World in Motion Timelapse

Game engines as art, this time with Rockstar's L.A. Noire.

Feature | Cheap This Week - 25/05/11

Demon's Souls! Nintendogs + Cats! Pikmin!

Take-Two anticipates more LA Noire

Renews contracts with Rockstar bosses.

Feature | Who's Who in L.A. Noire

Putting names to faces.

Rockstar uncovers LA Noire title update

Bug-squashing patch notes listed.

LA Noire 2 won't take five years to make

Team Bondi working on full body capture.

UK Top 40: LA Noire catches first place

The Witcher 2 conjures fifth.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire Gameplay PS3/360 Performance Analysis

The same sections of gameplay subjected to DF analysis.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire Like-for-Like PS3/360 Performance Analysis

The exact same clips on PS3/360 put to the test.

Digital Foundry | L.A. Noire Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

Comparison footage of Rockstar's 40s themed epic.

LA Noire "very appealing to women, too"

Team Bondi title not just for men.

Who is to blame for LA Noire crashes?

Sony and Rockstar issue joint statement.

First LA Noire DLC release date

"Nicholson Electroplating" for June.

L.A. Noire: Where's the Rockstar Pass?

Store update missing 800 Point add-on.

L.A. Noire sees Take-Two shares soar

Murder on the trading floor.

L.A. Noire once "five or six" discs

"It's the biggest map we've done."

First L.A. Noire DLC revealed?

Nicholson Electroplating Arson Case sighted.

Out This Week - 20/05/11

L.A. Noire! Witcher 2! DOA! NMH!

HMV denies Brink LA Noire trade-in offer

Blames confusion on "miscommunication".

Team Bondi ponders L.A. Noire DLC plans

Culled burglary, fraud cases reinstated?

Rockstar anticipates gun-free future

L.A. Noire to shift focus to conversation.

Blood-soaked new L.A. Noire shots

Japanese edition of the game spotted.

Twin L.A. Noire soundtracks detailed

Jazz classics remixed for crime epic.

L.A. Noire takes up 3 Xbox 360 discs

Rockstar: "Disc swapping is hassle-free."

L.A. Noire gets short story anthology

Rockstar details eBook tie-in.

PS3 L.A. Noire cuffs exclusive case

ESRB outs "fleeting images of pubic hair".

L.A. Noire has five hours of cutscenes

Plus, BBFC hands out 18 certificate.

Remedy aims to beat L.A. Noire tech

Rockstar "set a bar", admits Alan Wake dev.

Video | Latest L.A. Noire footage lands

Agent Phelps takes on Vice.

Latest L.A. Noire shots tail suspect

Phelps follows felonious female.

Video | L.A. Noire's Slip of the Tongue trailer

Play.com exclusive mission detailed.

L.A. Noire tech is "interesting dead end"

David Cage discusses future of mo-cap.

L.A. Noire selected by Tribeca film fest

Rockstar invents "new realm of storytelling".

Feature | L.A. Noire

California screaming.

L.A. Noire shots living the high life

Slick cars and smooth whiskey await.

Latest L.A. Noire shots fired in

Cole's partner Stefan Bekowsky stars.

T2: Grand Theft Auto IV sold 20 million

NBA 2K11, Borderlands 4 million.

Video | Latest L.A. Noire gameplay footage

Investigation and interrogation detailed.

Video | L.A. Noire video shows Naked City

Model suicide mission a GAME exclusive.

Latest L.A. Noire screens investigated

Car chases! Corpses! Fisticuffs!

L.A. Noire pre-order treats will be DLC

Ditto Red Dead Redemption, finally.

LA Noire pre-order bonuses

What's on the slab?

L.A. Noire screens follow a lead

Investigating a Hollywood prop store.

Video | First LA Noire gameplay trailer

Rockstar shows off lavish crime epic.

Meet the coroner in L.A. Noire screens

We're guessing he'll be kept quite busy.

Criminal new L.A. Noire screenshots

The clue is in the title.

L.A. Noire UK release date confirmed

"Breaks new ground" says Houser.

L.A. Noire release date confirmed

Leaked trailer jumps the gun.

L.A. Noire's interrogation mode shown

Can you handle the truth?

Video | Rockstar shows amazing LA Noire tech

Has The Uncanny Valley been bridged?

L.A. Noire screens uncover more clues

Hush-hush and off the record.

L.A. Noire out spring 2011

Xbox 360 version confirmed.

First proper LA Noire video this week

Rockstar ready to unveil its game.

L.A. Noire officially delayed

Advancements "worth waiting for".

LA Noire "defeated the uncanny valley"

"A line in the sand" next to Heavy Rain.

LA Noire rumoured for spring 2011

Rockstar won't say either way.

First proper LA Noire details appear

Revolutionary capture tech revealed.

Rockstar confirms LA Noire for autumn

There it is in black and white.

LA Noire no longer a PS3 exclusive?

Apparently it's coming to Xbox 360 too.

Big LA Noire reveal coming next month

"In-depth" details in magazine cover story.

Take-Two boss gets cross about GTAV

Rants at analyst. Plus: LA Noire still exists.

Rockstar quiet on GTAIV DLC rumour

E3 plans currently unconfirmed.

L.A. Noire developer now hiring

Are they ramping up for an autumn release?

Rockstar's LA Noire a year away

And no longer exclusive to PS3.

Team Bondi not just on PS3

Prompts LA Noire 360 rumours.

LA Noire delayed

Sulks off to fiscal 2008.

Full-length LA Noire trailer

More to go on this time.

Rockstar signs LA Noire

Getaway creator's next-gen title.

Team Bondi's PS3 title named

Set in Los Angeles, excitingly.

Feature | Team Bondi - The First Interview

Brendan McNamara on how Team Bondi's top-secret PS3 project will be 'even more ambitious' than The Getaway - and won't take any less time to make...

McNamara in Aussie Getaway

Team Bondi's PS3 title signed up by SCEA.