Kung-Fu LIVE


Kung Fu LIVE!

Hong Kong phooey.

VideoKung-Fu LIVE at Comic-Con

Get yourself in the game and have someone punch you.

VideoKung Fu Live looks dangerous

'Literally' step inside the PS3. LITERALLY.

Kung Fu LIVE!

Kung Fu LIVE!

Hong Kong phooey.

God, motion games are a bossy bunch. Before you can even play the bloody things, you have to stand there like a lemon while they tell you all the things you have to do to make the game work, all the things you absolutely mustn't do if you want the game to work and all the things you might want to do if the game doesn't work.

Kung Fu Live, a 2D fighting game in which you are the controller, opens with over ten pages of calibration, instruction and suggestion as to the best way to get the bloody thing working as intended.

Clear an area the size of a large truck. Move the furniture. Change your clothes. Switch the lights on. Close the curtains. Open them again. Tilt the camera. Try moving the telly. And this is before you've even found out if you need to do all these things.

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