Kirby: Mass Attack

Kirby Mass Attack Review

Poor Kirby. Mass Attack has the dubious honour of being Nintendo's last DS effort as the developer ditches the format for platforms new. Released without fanfare at a busy time a couple of months ago, this DS swansong slipped by almost unnoticed - by our reviews department, anyway.

But, in 2011's last days, it's time to set that right and salute a fitting send-off for the great handheld. Because those who do pick up one final game for the ageing device will find a showcase for some of Nintendo's best uses of the DS touch screen.

European gamers have never really taken to Kirby, yet 2011 could have been his year. Mass Attack is one of three games released in the past 12 months to star the pink puffball, alongside Wii adventures Epic Yarn and Return to Dreamland. Nintendo even saw fit to give Kirby his own anime channel on the Wii this summer. And while Return to Dreamland was a step back to the series' enemy-swallowing staples, Epic Yarn offered an imaginative take.

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