Kirby: Canvas Curse Reviews

Kirby: Canvas Curse

Kirby: Canvas Curse

It turns out the stylus can paint a masterpiece.

Pick up your DS. Hold it above your head. Walk outside. Go somewhere busy. Now shout: ďI LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!Ē Then go back home.

Kirby, I donít know what the hell you are, but I love you. If you werenít a pink ball with no discernable lips, Iíd kiss you. As it stands, instead, Iíll endeavour to do all I can to keep you alive, against all costs, so long as my battery shall last.

Kirby: Canvas Curse works. Works. ItísÖ itís so damn close to perfect it squeaks when you walk past it. Hereís the game for you: you have a pink ball, and you draw lines for it to roll along. Thereís your game. Thank you please.

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