Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes

Of orcs, elves and Motorhead.

Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes is part of that series of games, cousin to Dynasty Warriors, in which you command units of troops in something akin to a close-camera RTS, before diving into fantasy melee and finding yourself cast as the lead pugilist in a 100-man beat ‘em up. Needless to say, such a game concept is hugely entertaining: hence the ongoing series.

But before you get to the brutality, you must parse the names. The Kingdom of Arenia, the east Bersian continent of Vellond; the annexation of Hexter by Valdemar the Half Vampire; the elves in the Hironeidian territory; the Encalblossa War, ogre tribes in the marches...

All this on the loading screen alone.

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