Kingdom Rush

App of the Day: Kingdom Rush HD

App of the Day: Kingdom Rush HD

"One shot... one kill."

The problem with success is that it leads to saturation, and at the risk of sounding like a certain Vodafone-shilling muppet, that leads to suffering. As soon as you know Kingdom Rush HD is a tower defense game the brain starts ticking over with comparisons: the best and worst and the many, many more that operate in a limbo of mediocrity. But what's important about Kingdom Rush HD isn't really the genre. It's the fact it's absolutely awesome, and has a structure that makes it even better.

At a base level, Kingdom Rush HD is gorgeous and works in a standard manner. But think of that as the scaffolding for each stage. The game's core is a set of upgrade systems that take the nondescript soldiers, archers, mages and artillery dwarves you start off with into the stratosphere. Each unit has three 'basic' stages where, for example, the archers become better shots and able to shoot faster and farther with each step up. Then after that, the path forks in two.

Snipers, capable of shooting insane distances, headshotting any enemy instantly, and laying down AoE bursts of shrapnel on nearby enemies? Or forest rangers, who turn them into pincushions filled with poison arrows and trap entire groups with grasping thorns? Templars or barbarians? Do you want a Tesla Cannon that fries enemies with lightning that jumps between individuals, all the while dealing constant AoE shocks to anyone that even enters its vicinity?!? Of course you bloody do. And Big Bertha... oh man. I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

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