A Kingdom for Keflings

A Kingdom for Keflings

A Kingdom for Keflings

Gently does it.

Back when Xbox Live Arcade launched, it was the relentless action of Geometry Wars that set the tone - simple, frantic, addictive. The game chosen to launch with New Xbox Experience couldn't be more different. A Kingdom for Keflings is gentle and peaceful, and takes its time to reach a quietly compelling destination.

It's a resource-management game, and anyone who grew up on the achingly lovely Settlers games will feel right at home. You're a giant - drawn from a selection of whimsical presets or your own spanking new avatar - and you must help create the utopia of the title. You do this by building up the Keflings' town from a series of steadily unlocked blueprints, starting with simple workshops and cottages, and eventually piecing together cathedrals and a castle of your own design.

Construction requires resources, of course, and you can set the Keflings to work by picking them up and changing their hat. Setting waypoints is easy, so you can quickly build a miniature workforce to collect lumber and rocks. Much like the buildings, more jobs become necessary as your town takes shape. Soon you'll be managing a production line incorporating woven linen, carved wood and magical crystals.

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A Kingdom for Keflings, out on Nov 19th.

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