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19 years later, storybook strategy King of Dragon Pass is getting a sequel

19-year-old storybook strategy game King of Dragon Pass is getting a sequel!

Six Ages: Ride like the Wind will retain the same blend of illustrative, multiple-choice adventure, role-playing and strategy, but jump back in time 2000 years from the setting of King of Dragon Pass. You will again talk with gods, deal in cows, pool opinion from a chosen panel of characterful advisors and unravel a story spanning generations. No doubt it will also be a hard game to succeed at.

Six Ages has been in development for four years, and this time creator David Dunham and team have designed it natively for iOS, the platform which gave King of Dragon Pass - a forgotten PC game of the late 90s - a second chance. It's due for release 28th June for $10, with a PC and Mac adaptation to follow in 2019.

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King of Dragon Pass heading to Android soon

UPDATE: Vita and Windows Phone versions "possible".

UPDATE 4PM GMT: Game creator David Dunham has been in touch with a correction to a tweet he put out earlier. "King of Dragon Pass is just for Android at the start," he clarified, "other platforms possible." Those other platforms are Vita and Windows Phone.

This is the story of King of Dragon Pass, an uplifting tale of a man you probably wouldn't notice who bet big on an obscure game a long time ago - and lost. It's uplifting because he got a second chance, a bit like when Lieutenant John Spartan got a second chance in Demolition Man to catch the villain Simon Phoenix after having been cryogenically frozen in time.

App of the Day: King of Dragon Pass

App of the Day: King of Dragon Pass

Textual intercourse.

The idea of being a king is endlessly fascinating. What would you do? Who would you kill? And, most importantly, who can you trust? Worn down every day by myriad disputes, planning for the enemy at the gates, constantly paranoid about inside jobs. "What infinite heart's ease," moans Shakespeare's Henry V, "Must kings neglect, that private men enjoy?"

King of Dragon Pass is an old and quite remarkable text-based game about the long and tortuous route to the titular crown. At its beginnings you take control of a small clan that settle into an unremarkable position in Dragon Pass, choosing their beliefs and lore in a brief history. From here everything is your decision, meaning that, apart from some helpful advice from a clan ring of seven, everything that goes wrong is down to you.

First released in 1999 on PC, this reworked version somewhat streamlines the original's interface as well as making the detailed art look immeasurably superior. King of Dragon Pass plays out through static interface screens that cover everything from trading caravans to building temples, and its plentiful incidents are communicated entirely through pictures and text. If you have thoughts of Zork or similar old-school text adventures, put them aside. What distinguishes the game is its non-linearity, huge range of situations to deal with, and the way these combine into quite incredible consequences. Basically it's like reading a choose-your-own-adventure book, with a strategy sim between the lines.

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King of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass

Review - epic turn-based strategy of the beard-scratching kind

- A SharpSystem Requirements -

  Pentium or equivalent

  16Mb RAM

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