Kinect Videos

VideoMicrosoft showcases Kinect potential video

Motion-sensing tech one year old.

VideoMicrosoft Kinect, WP7 Christmas ad

It's a great time to be a family.

VideoKinect Fun Labs for Xbox 360 leaked

Trailer appears on Xbox dashboard.

VideoKinect working with PS3 footage

Killzone 3 played via latest mod.

VideoKinect works with Windows Phone

Play along with your WP7 device.

VideoKinect mod shows best interaction yet

Holodecks one step closer?

VideoPlay Angry Birds with Kinect hack

Latest game mod takes off.

VideoMIT developing Kinect holographic TV

With a little help from Princess Leia.

VideoNow Kinect can control humanoid robots

One step closer to the machine apocalypse.

VideoKinect made more expensive

Get the Swarovski crystal version.

VideoKinect creates giant walk-on keyboard

Latest mod makes music anywhere.

VideoEurogamer Asks: Is Your Home Kinect-Ready?

Enter our actual houses to find out.

VideoKinect modding makes you fat

Hacking hazardous to your health.

VideoMaking a lightbsaber for Kinect

This is how you do it.

VideoEGTV attends lavish Kinect launch

Leona Lewis! Ice skating! Kudo!

VideoMicrosoft Mum explains Kinect

"No more gadgets, no more gizmos."

VideoOprah gives audience Kinect

Studio jumps the couch.

VideoSprinter Bolt tests out Kinect

Usain in the mainframe.

VideoPhotogenic family plays Xbox Kinect

We are family friendly. Do not resist.

VideoNot the first Xbox Kinect TV advert

Jump in, then up and down.