Kinect News

Xbox One Kinect adaptor officially dead now, too

Removing all compatibility with S and X.

Kinect officially dead

Well bam, there it is.

There's a new Kinect game

It's Kung-Fu for Kinect.

Kinect 2 for PC costs £159

Intended to help developers make apps.

Kinect clip-on NUIA eyeCharm enables eye-tracking for $60

Well on way to $100,000 Kickstarter goal, prospective release August 2013.

Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony

New creative director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

UK university to investigate whether Kinect can help stroke victims

Will track the patient's face as they perform exercises.

Rare sticking with Kinect for its new project

More evidence suggests it's for the next Xbox.

Kinect could police who watches films at home

Content stops if unlicensed viewers are detected.

Kinect 2 image outed by "genuine" Durango devkit source

Leak shows off new high-resolution body-mapping.

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection revealed by Xbox videos

Contains sports in Kinect Sports and Season 2.

Doctors use Kinect in keyhole surgery

Anyone for a game of Operation?

Satellites to use Kinect in orbital docking system

Scientists creating "space building blocks".

BBC iPlayer on Xbox goes live today

Increased TV and movie consumption hasn't come at the expense of gaming, MS says.

"Near mode" Kinect for Windows priced, dated

A possible feature of Kinect 2?

Kinect 2 so accurate it can lip read

Future Xbox consoles to come with Kinect 2 built in.

Microsoft plans two versions of its next Xbox - rumour

One like a set-top box, the other aimed at the hardcore.

Will Kinect come with next-generation TVs?

Microsoft reportedly in talks with Sony and others.

Microsoft to improve Kinect hardware for Windows version

Can see objects as close as 40 centimetres away.

Microsoft pushing Kinect into business world

A surgeon browses records while in theatre.

Kinect can work out your age

And block adult content, patent suggests.

MS: how you'll talk to AI through Kinect

Life-like, natural conversations coming.

Kinect infringes patents, company claims

Impulse demands permanent injunction.

Why Kinect Sports is Rare's priority

And first-person shooters aren't.

Rare: the new Xbox "is always now"

"We're down the path" to the holodeck.

Xbox ahead in online-capable game sales

Sold twice as many as PS3 in 2010.

Kinect hacker at GameCityNights

Kinect air guitar man to show off art.

How MS will make XBL and Kinect better

"Everything will be drastically improved."

Shenmue creator making Kinect fighter

Yu Suzuki working on Xbox 360 title.

Microsoft outlines future of Xbox

E3 Orapa announcement planned?

Kinect Me, Kinect Fun Lab spotted

Plus, Fusion Genesis and Crimson Alliance.

Avatar Kinect out "later this spring"

Nothing to do with James Cameron.

Kinect: MS to "serve hardcore" at E3

Kinect Sports 2, Dance Central 2, more.

Rare: Voice control the future for Kinect

'Xbox pause' "just the beginning".

The top 4 fastest-selling devices ever

Kinect's on top, but what did it beat?

Avatar Kinect video details tech

Free for XBL Gold members this spring.

Microsoft gives Kinect SDK to academics

Commercial version due at a later date.

MS: Rare in a position of strength

Kinect Sports sales "far exceed" expectations.

DiRT 3 dev unconvinced by Kinect

Controller will always be best for racers.

Gears of War Kinect an "on-rails shooter"

Reuses parts of Gears of War 2.

Conduit dev making Kinect game for 2K

Announcement at GDC. Out this year.

MS: Kinect sets astonishing sales record

Fastest-selling consumer electronics device ever.

Microsoft: Xbox isn't a gaming console

CEO Steve Ballmer insists so.

Source: Official Kinect for Windows soon

SDK, driver support "in the coming months".

2010 the biggest year in Xbox history

"It's official," cheers Microsoft.

MS hints at official Kinect PC support

Announcement coming at "the right time".

Kinect success "a surprise to us all"

But analysts won't write off Move.

Microsoft sells 8 million Kinects

And 50 million Xbox 360s.

Is Kinect killing your Xbox 360?

New 'red ring of death' issues reported.

EA: Kinect/Move FPS "hard to imagine"

Riccitiello envisages "hiding behind couch".

Kinect: attack of the clones

ASUS makes its own.

What is Avatar Kinect for Xbox 360?

Full body control over Avatars, claims report.

MS not thrilled by Kinect sex game

"It won't be the last," company sighs.

Source: MS quadrupling Kinect accuracy

Finger movement and hand rotation possible.

Sony unconvinced by Kinect marketing

Questions "ramming product at people".

Kinect bundles outsell Move bundles 5-1

Plus: GT5, Donkey Kong sales figures.

November US sales: Microsoft's spin

"We wouldn't trade places with anyone."

MS denies engineering Kinect shortages

"It's absolutely not a strategy."

Move and Kinect sales "neck and neck"

Sony ships 4.1m Moves, sells probably 2.5m.

PS Move getting two core games from THQ

Kinect core game reveal "soon".

Kinect sells 2.5 million in 25 days

Retailers expect "consistent shipments."

Analyst: Move/Kinect shortages are fiction

Pachter calls platform holders' bluff.

Kinect sold how many in Japan?

Boosts Xbox 360 sales.

Kinect "can't do a good lightsaber game"

Move's will be "damn better", says Sony dev.

Kinect off to "rough start" in Japan

Sold a quarter of Move's tally.

Will Kinect/Move boost 360/PS3 sales?

"Unlikely," says a new report.

Kinect "hackers" won't be prosecuted

Microsoft "excited" by user mods.

MS gives Kinect tape measure to Japan

And cleverly makes it tiny.

Kinect will sell 25 million by 2014

Analysts also predict a 74m 360 base.

Buy now or it's a Kinect-free Christmas

MS expects 2010 stock to sell out this week.

Kinect doubles UK Xbox sales

360 outselling Wii and PS3.

Kinect sells a million in 10 days

On track to meet 5 million year-end target.

Kinect doesn't snoop for advertising

Privacy of "great importance", says MS.

Reeves: Expect Kinect, Move in next-gen

MS and Sony "have to" - Capcom EU boss.

Minority Report-style PC Kinect interface

Hacker knocks up a proof-of-concept.

Kinect parts cost MS around £34

Research suggests tidy profit per unit.

MS to use Kinect to personalise content

Voice recog tells it who's playing what.

Today's games use 20-30% of Kinect

Yoostar 2 dev claims to use more.

New Kinect features on the way

MS only "scratching the surface" - Kudo.

Kinect stock coming in "every week"

Shortages? What shortages?

Kinect "incredibly liberating for women"

"Women the gatekeepers of the living room."

First blood for Kinect in sales war?

Retailer: Move will come 2nd this holiday.

Kinect selling out fast

Big US chains are out of stock.

UK Kinect launch stock is "tight"

Queuing may be a good choice.

HMV opts out of Kinect midnight launch

In-store demos "better show off" device.

Did Kinect's Times Square launch go well?

Queues for three blocks, apparently.

GAME plans big welcome for Kinect

UPDATE: Big-splash event confirmed.

Milo "was never a product" - Microsoft

Tech "migrated" to Kinectimals.

MS: Hybrid control 360 games coming

Pad plus Kinect games exist, says Kipman.

Microsoft raises Kinect sales projections

You'll buy five million by Christmas.

Kinect's brain works like your brain

Alex Kipman knows - he made it.

Xbox Live UK dashboard update now

UPDATE: Eurogamer videos it.

Rare: We're not a Kinect exclusive dev

But Kinect the "centrepiece of our strategy".

Xbox veteran takes charge of Rare

Henson swaps Redmond for Birmingham.

Sony: Kinect-style control is "cumbersome"

EyeToy's dad critical of Move competitor.

MS: Kinect games will span all genres

"It is as core to the platform as Live."

What is Kinect's launch line-up?

UPDATED with European info.

Kinect's sitting down woe finally over

MS switches base node to back of neck.

Kinect sold out at GAME

And Amazon stops taking pre-orders.

MS tested pre-Kinect motion controllers

"Exotic gyroscope", accelerometer featured.

Try Kinect at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Plus: Nintendo games! Schedule tweaks!

MS advises against "clutter" for Kinect

And noisy areas "on top of an Xbox".

Control Sky Player with Kinect

Wave hands or speak at the telly.

Get MS to bring Kinect to your house

By saying why you deserve it on Facebook.

Sony: "Buttons are irreplaceable"

Don't push it, Microsoft, says Marks.

Analysts back MS's 3m Kinect sales claim

But it's a "high price" for gamers.

Sony: Move piggybacked Kinect hype

"We're lucky MS made such a big deal of it."

Kinect: "Biggest platform launch ever"

Microsoft's Phil Spencer bets it will be.

Hirai: PS3 sales "better" than expected

Wants 100 per cent of owners on PSN.

MS: Kinect will sell over 3m this xmas

"Easily" five years left in the Xbox 360.

Capcom reveals Kinect Steel Battalion

No need for a huge controller.

Japan-made Xbox 360 exclusives revealed

Suda51! Radiant Silvergun! More!

Sony: We'll never "outspend" Microsoft

But "bullish" about Move/Kinect showdown.

£300 Kinect 250GB bundle confirmed

Console, camera, Kinect Adventures.

MS: Kinect "really hard to pull off"

Doubts others' ability to recreate experience.

Kitase: Kinect, Move "awkward" for RPGs

But motion mini-games could add "spice".

No Euro Kinect voice rec until spring

Region-locked 360s won't allow it.

Kinect supports three languages at launch

Updated with Microsoft comment.

Rare urges core gamers to try Kinect

"All I can say to the core is have a go."

Kinect beta confirmations sent out

Don't tell the internet! Oh.

MS: PlayStation Plus "hasn't changed" us

"People value what we've done with Live."

MS took "shortcuts" with Kinect

Says creator of rival controller-free tech.

MS confirms voice control for Kinect

Update: After reports suggested otherwise.

Core community will "love" Kinect - Lewis

Reveals "no tolerance" for Wii, Move ports.

Kinect UK release date announced

Update: Microsoft clears up confusion.

Molyneux: Judge Kinect on "the next step"

Sports and Adventures are "pretty good".

250GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle spotted

Is Kinect Adventures on the hard drive?

Molyneux admits Milo is "contentious"

Doesn't think of it as a released product.

Rare responds to fan site closure

But not Kinect Sports criticism.

Microsoft UK defends Kinect price

"You don't have to buy anything else."

Kinect hardware sales boost is "bollocks"

Microsoft "missed the boat", says CHIPS.

UK Xbox 360 sales up 1000%

New 250GB and price cuts do the business.

Microsoft confirms Kinect price

And a new Xbox 360 model.

Tsunoda: Kinect goes way past rumble

People's obsession with it "laughable".

MS insists you can sit with Kinect

Only in games made "with sitting in mind".

Kinect will have "negligible impact"

Reckons market research firm.

ShopTo calls for lower UK Kinect price

Pre-orders currently "very low".

ShopTo puts Kinect at £129.99

Claims device out on 19th Nov.

Kinect supports two "active players"

Although it can track six people.

Microsoft takes anti-shovelware stance

"I don't want Halo on Kinect," says exec.

Microsoft's own shop says Kinect is $149

Supports US retailers' claims.

Lewis: 360 has "at least" five more years

3D important in 12-18 months' time.

Report: MS to bundle Kinect with 360

And does plan to do $199 slim 360.

US retailers push $149 Kinect price

Four of them. MS still says it's TBA.

Rare: Kinect lag "not an issue"

Past problems overcome, insists studio.

Greenberg: Kinect pricing "speculative"

Real deals "not yet determined".

Kinect needs separate plug on old 360s

New slim 360 has dedicated port for it.

GameStop gives Kinect $149.99 price

While undefined bundles go up to $399.

Microsoft lists third-party Kinect titles

Sports! Fitness! Dance! Repeat!

MS shows Kinect Hub and Video Kinect

Plus Zune and ESPN Xbox Live deal.

Forza Motorsport for Kinect in 2011

Billed as "Forza 4" in press materials.

Microsoft does Star Wars Kinect deal

Lightsaber game out next year.

Kinect out in the US on 4th November

ROW "thereafter". More than 15 launch titles.

Dance Central DLC "won't be weekly"

Harmonix title stars at hands-on event.

MS man: Kinect "perfect name" for Natal

"Evoking both 'kinetic' and 'connection'."

Xbox Kinect due in November

Plus: Cirque de Soleil game possible?

Microsoft shows off Kinect at E3 event

Sports! Star Wars! Dance! Yoga! Tigers!

Official: Natal is called Kinect

Slim 360 leaked by ad?

Awareness of Natal and Move very low

According to Nielsen and OTX GamePlan.

Natal Cirque de Soleil event detailed

Plus: details on four Natal tech demos.

GAME taking Natal pre-orders soon

Same day as E3 press conference.

SEGA doing Sonic racing game for Natal?

Report: Sonic Free Riders for XBLA.

Natal to be renamed Wave, says report

Microsoft not commenting, shockingly.

Natal to cost a hundred quid - report

Launch slated for October, says source.

E3 Natal premiere by Cirque du Soleil

"Technology-free event" explained.

Project Natal "definitely" in October

MS man spills controller-free beans.

Microsoft E3 conference announced

Plus "Technology-free" Natal showcase.

Ballmer: Natal "most exciting" MS product

No need to carry "big fat gaming thing".

Natal may learn from your actions

Whitten talks up living room experiences.

Natal developer kit instructions leak

Needs own power source, no tilting.

Natal game River Rush revealed

Man reckons it will help kids lose weight.

MS confirms PrimeSense Natal role

Israeli company intimately involved.

MS to hold special Natal event at E3

It'll take place before the press conference.

Natal will require 4 metres of space

Is your living room big enough?

MS researching Natal 2 already

Heavy investment equals spare resources.

Project Natal "full line-up" at E3

"Very strong" software support pledged.

Ballmer hints at new Xbox form factors?

Or doesn't. Ambiguous quotes for the win!

Molyneux: Natal upgrades "countless"

Recent demos out-of-date, insists designer.

Rare opens new Natal testing office

It's in Fazeley, Birmingham. Are you?

Greenberg: "we'll outsell the PS3" in 2010

Plus: MS will be "thoughtful" with Natal.

Natal "not quite there yet" - J. Ross

But "sky's the limit" if lag is fixed.

Bach: 70-80% of pubs doing Natal games

MS wants third-parties "making money".

Capcom making "gamer's game" for Natal

Reviving brand we've not seen in "a while".

Microsoft drops internal Natal chip

To allow updates and cost savings.

Project Natal dated for "holiday 2010"

It's a ticket to "the coolest party".

Microsoft dismisses Natal rumours

Launch details "weren't accurate".

Time hails Natal as invention of 2009

In company of teleportation, AIDS vaccine.

Natal will cost under £50, says report

Said to launch next Nov with 14 games.

Gamers don't want a new Xbox, says exec

Spencer reckons they'll be happy with Natal.

Take-Two already working on Natal games

And playing with Sony's motion controller.

Win a go on Natal at gamescom

Ticket to Cologne included, courtesy of MS.

EA to support Natal/PS3 wand next year

Riccitiello "really positive on both".

THQ: Natal to launch late next year

Plus: UFC to expand onto handhelds.

Gates: Natal "a little over a year away"

And will be available on PC.

SEGA "blown away" by Natal, PS3 wand

"There's so many games and possibilities."

Ballmer "sorry" for new Xbox remarks

"I confused the issue," says MS boss.

Ballmer was talking about Natal, says MS

"There will be no new console" after all.

New Xbox 360 "doesn't make sense"

But hardware tweaks do, sources say.

Kim: Natal is a relaunch of Xbox 360

"It's not a new hardware architecture."

New Xbox 360 console next autumn?

More powerful and has Natal, claim sources.

Natal not targeting existing casual gamers

For homes where games "don't exist".

MS: Natal will work with "all ethnicities"

Tech demos can be "temperamental".

EA boss: Motion could take half the market

Reckons he introduced Sony to wand.

Natal will reinvent games industry - Kim

"Magical launch experiences" promised.

Miyamoto: We've got 5 years' experience

Says he's not bothered by Natal etc.

E3: Rare working on Natal projects

"Intimately involved," says Shane Kim.

E3: Devs could add Natal to old games

Schappert: "Certainly it can be done."

E3: Greenberg: PS3 wand is "fun" like Wii

But Natal is "leapfrogging" both.

E3: Microsoft promotes Peter Molyneux

Creative direction of MS Game Studios.

E3: MS execs: Natal not derived from 3DV

Plus: Xbox 360 to go some until 2015.

E3: Spielberg: Natal a "whole new world"

More room now to "break your heart".

E3: MS unveils hands-free Project Natal

Pretty much X720. A bit Minority Report.