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FeatureMicrosoft's Chris Lewis

Xbox 360, the competition, XBLA and the next-gen.

While Sony strutted its stuff at Gamescom through the power of a press conference, Microsoft walked a more modest path with a Play Day event, with hands-on opportunities of a raft of Xbox 360 exclusive games including Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Gears of War 3 and Forza 4.

FeatureKinect's Second Wave

Star Wars, Sesame Street, Disneyland and Rise of Nightmares.

The trajectory of most new video game hardware is a lot like the trajectory of a really good game of Defender: you fight for survival, you struggle to meet a specific set of criteria, and once you've done all that, the second wave swoops in and it's back to the grind. Hardware can't hyperspace its way out of trouble though. That bit of the analogy doesn't work.

FeatureSony: Why we turned down Kinect

Research and Design whiz Anton Mikhailov on the past, present and future of Move.

Is PlayStation Move merely an evolution of the Wii? Is it a poor substitute for the controller-free Kinect? Or is it the beginning of the future of motion controllers?

FeatureThe Xboss

Microsoft's Stephen McGill talks Kinect.

It's finally here - the new peripheral we've all been waiting for. Well, some of us have been waiting for. And technically it's not a peripheral - it's a whole new platform, a brand new expanded multimedia entertainment experience which will revolutionise social interaction in exciting new ways and offer us new options for engaging with the home entertainment interactive experience in revolutionary and exciting new interactive ways.

FeatureWaving and Shouting

Kinect is MS' biggest launch since 360, but its confidence can't hide the challenges it faces.

Published as part of our sister-site's widely-read weekly newsletter, the Editorial, is a weekly dissection of an issue weighing on the minds of the people at the top of the games business. It appears on Eurogamer after it goes out to newsletter subscribers.

FeatureKinect's Kudo Tsunoda

On hybrid games, evolving through firmware and staying relevant.

Microsoft's decision not to have a gamescom press conference may have robbed us of the sight of Kudo Tsunoda doing stage demos by leaping around like a lunatic, but the mile-a-minute spokesperson for Xbox 360's new control system was still buzzing around the "Play Day" the platform holder organised on the edge of town - and still had a lot to say about Kinect ahead of its 10th November launch.

FeatureRare on Kinect Sports

Nick Burton on how Rare got involved with Kinect and why you should give it a try.

Uninterested? Sceptical? Cynical? Outright angry? It's fair that Rare, the creator of Kinect launch game Kinect Sports, is yet to convince all core gamers, and indeed many old school Rare fans, to dump their Xbox 360 controllers in favour of... Well, themselves.

FeatureMicrosoft's Chris Lewis

"We'll sell more consoles this year than we did last."

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that Xbox 360's Kinect control system would launch in Europe on 10th November. We already knew that it would cost a plump 129.99 for a bundle that includes launch title Kinect Adventures.

Digital FoundryThe Case for Kinect

The strengths. The weaknesses. The facts. Digital Foundry investigates.

As we move closer to Kinect's November release date, games developers are talking in more detail - on and off the record - about the new motion control system: what it can do, what it can't do, and what we should expect from the system going forward.

FeatureConflicting Goals

Kinect's pricing speaks of a company torn between market expansion and monetisation.

Published as part of our sister-site's widely-read weekly newsletter, the Editorial, is a weekly dissection of an issue weighing on the minds of the people at the top of the games business. It appears on Eurogamer after it goes out to newsletter subscribers.

Digital FoundryTech Analysis: Kinect

Digital Foundry on latency, CPU overheads and how it all works.

It's the day after the night before, and a chance to reflect on our hands-on playtest of the new Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 platform, contact our sources and attempt to put together some semblance of the technical picture behind the device formerly known as Project Natal.

Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape, Joy Ride.

New name, new games, and a new beginning for Microsoft's motion controller: Kinect. In the immediate aftermath of the Cirque de Soleil "Project Natal Experience", we had a chance to get hands on, or hands-off as it were [we did that joke last year - Ed], with a small selection of titles set to launch with the camera.

FeatureDigital Foundry vs. Project Natal

In-depth, no-holds-barred hands-on analysis of the Next Big Thing in gaming.

Microsoft's announcement of Project Natal at this year's E3 was, for many, the event of the show; an exciting piece of brand new technology promising to revolutionise the way we play games. No joypads, no sticks, no buttons... no controller! Combining a traditional RGB camera with an infra-red sensor, along with a multi-array mic and Microsoft's own voice-recognition technology, Project Natal is all about bringing people into the game, literally. Capable of tracking and interpreting motion data for up to four people simultaneously, the human body becomes the controller. In effect, it's a pretty sophisticated motion-capture set-up designed for the home, and it's exclusive to Xbox 360. It's also pretty much the main reason I've come to gamescom - I have so many questions about the device, and none of the answers have been forthcoming in anything I've read about it so far.

FeatureE3: Microsoft's John Schappert

On digital downloads, exclusives and Natal.

Xbox boss Don Mattrick was washing his hair when we came to call at E3 this year - perhaps wary of spectacularly putting his foot in it again - but Eurogamer's Oli Welsh did get to speak to the affable John Schappert, boss of Live and services, about the company's various announcements, including Natal (yes, again), the games-on-demand service and other Xbox subjects. What does 'exclusive' even mean these days, for example? Read on to find out what Schappert reckons. - Tom.

FeatureE3: Post-Natal Discussion

Microsoft's Alex Kipman explains the technology.

The highlight of Microsoft's E3 press conference - apart from Gepetto Molyneux and his talking boy - was undoubtedly Project Natal. As you'll know if you've read our hands-on preview, it allows you to play games using your whole body and invisible controllers, via a camera that sits under your TV.

E3: Project Natal

Milo, Ricochet and Burnout.

E3 2009 may not have officially kicked off yet, but it's already been a show to remember. After all, it's not every day you get to see the likes of James Cameron, Paul McCartney and Pele chatting about videogames. Nor is it every day you get to have a conversation with a virtual 10 year-old or play Burnout with an imaginary steering wheel.

FeatureE3: Molyneux and Milo

A chat with Peter and his new best friend.

The last time Eurogamer met up with Peter Molyneux was at the Game Developers Conference in March. Back then the Lionhead boss teased us with talk of his next project but wouldn't reveal any details, stating, "I will absolutely not talk about anything, any concepts or ideas, until I've got something tangible to show."