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FeatureA Rare view of the future of Kinect

Scott Henson reveals Microsoft's motion-sensing strategy.

VideoTable tennis champs play Kinect Sports

UK team: "It's really realistic."

VideoFree DLC adds more Kinect Sports

Pinvaders! Target Smash! Fruit Splatter!

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Kinect officially dead

Well bam, there it is.

The writing has been on the wall for some time, but now Microsoft has officially rubber-stamped it: Kinect is dead.

Microsoft pledges to support Rare

New games will be announced when the time is right.

Microsoft has pledged to support UK developer Rare after a round of layoffs hit the studio and Microsoft decided to sell Xbox One without the Kinect sensor.

Microsoft announces Lift London, a new developer focused on cloud games for tablets, mobiles and TVs

Microsoft has announced Lift London, a new developer focused on creating new IP for tablets, mobiles and TVs.

Ex-Rare developer Lee Schuneman is running the developer, which was created by top Microsoft Studios exec Phil Harrison as a "21st century studio" that will build experiences only for the cloud.

"We're here to deliver entertainment as a service," Schuneman said at a Microsoft briefing held in London this afternoon, "where, when and how you want it. We're going beyond the box with great games and experiences on tablets, mobiles and TVs, powered by Microsoft."

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The Rare game that never was: ex-staff member details Savannah

The Rare game that never was: ex-staff member details Savannah

And how the team "all wanted to make" Killer Instinct 3.

Before it became Microsoft's Kinect Sports team, Rare was prototyping another way to use the Xbox 360's motion-sensing camera.

Savannah was one of several game prototypes created at the studio after its ownership was transferred from Nintendo.

Savannah's concept was to create a realistic-looking wilderness where players would help raise a lion cub from birth to adult life, ex-Rare staff member Donnchadh Murphy told NotEnoughShaders.

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Union Jack Xbox 360 Kinect Celebration Pack announced

Union Jack Xbox 360 Kinect Celebration Pack announced

Plus, the Great British Mouse. Pictures inside.

Microsoft has pressed its official stamp onto the Union Jack Xbox 360 that popped up on a shop's website last week.

The Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Celebration Pack is a "celebration of all things British", and launches on Friday 25th May in the UK.

The grisly details: the Celebration Pack features a special edition white Xbox 360 4GB console, Kinect Sensor, wireless controller, and, crucially, commemorative Union Jack skins to decorate your console with. On top of all that you get Kinect games Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports, and three months Xbox Live Gold subscription. All for 249.99.

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FeatureWho Killed Rare?

Did Microsoft ruin Britain's greatest game studio?

Through a locked gate, down a winding path and by a still pond a few miles outside of the leafy village of Twycross, England, a bonsai tree stands. It was a gift given to Rare by Shigeru Miyamoto, the most famous game designer in the world, as a thank-you for the game developer's critical and commercial success in creating games for Nintendo, the most famous game maker in the world.

FeatureA Rare view of the future of Kinect

Scott Henson reveals Microsoft's motion-sensing strategy.

Scott Henson is serious when he talks about Kinect creating magic. He believes that for its target audience, that's what it does. And as boss of famed UK developer Rare, that's the direction he is going in.

Why Kinect Sports is Rare's priority

And first-person shooters aren't.

Rare boss Scott Henson has explained why the Microsoft-owned UK developer is squarely focused on the Kinect Sports franchise and not hardcore genres such as first-person shooters.

Rare: the new Xbox "is always now"

"We're down the path" to the holodeck.

Rumours abound that Microsoft may be preparing to unveil the next Xbox at E3 2012, but according to Kinect Sports developer Rare, the next-gen is already here.

Fable: The Journey domain registered

Along with three Kinect-themed titles.

Microsoft has registered as a domain name, along with three other phrases which seem to suggest a bunch of Kinect titles is on the way.

Former Colin McRae dev joins Rare

Craig Duncan now senior studio director.

Craig Duncan, a developer who has worked on the Colin McRae and Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing games, has joined Kinect Sports studio Rare.

MS: Rare in a position of strength

Kinect Sports sales "far exceed" expectations.

The threat of redundancies looms large over Kinect Sports developer Rare, but owner Microsoft has insisted the studio's future is bright.

MPs show support for gaming

Gamers' Voice event "terrific", says Govt.

MPs, including Cabinet Minister Ed Vaizey and controversial industry critic Keith Vaz, turned out to show their support for gaming at an event in Westminster.

UK chart: COD batters competition

UPDATE: Why Kinect Adventures is absent.

Update: Number cruncher GfK Chart-Track has explained to Eurogamer why sales of Kinect Adventures - the game the Kinect camera is bundled with - haven't been included.

Kinect Sports Facebook app launched

Kinect Sports Facebook app launched

Xbox 360 game feeds results into leagues.

A Kinect Sports Facebook app that sorts times set in the main Xbox 360 game into online leagues has been released.

Developed by Rare and Nzime, the Kinect Sports Facebook app uses your Xbox Live gamertag to compare your results with those of friends and randoms in Kinect Sports leagues.

You can join a weekly international league, create your own league and watch videos of your performances uploaded from Kinect Sports.

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Kinect Reviewed

Kinect Reviewed

The Eurogamer verdict.

It's here. Finally. We won't bore you with the palaver involved in bringing you this bumper presentation of Kinect launch coverage let's just say it's been an interesting, and exhausting, few days.

But even if you knew the story, it wouldn't explain why the eventual arrival of Microsoft's magic camera was met with such drama and excitement chez Eurogamer. Nor would the level of hype whipped up by the ringmasters at Microsoft, although that certainly helped (it's not every day we feature an Oprah clip on our website).

Maybe it's the large and lavish line-up of launch software. Maybe it's the contrast with the softly-softly approach Sony took for PlayStation Move. But the fact is, this doesn't feel like a mere peripheral. It feels more like a new hardware launch than anything we've seen in years.

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Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports

Sporting gesture.

Once the king of core, Rare's latest incarnation in a turbulent existence is as standard-bearer for the Xbox casual revolution Microsoft hopes will be ignited by the arrival of Kinect.

The British studio's first offering for the device is a game that owes not just its existence but many of its ideas to the release that defined motion-control gaming four years ago: Wii Sports.

Making no attempt to disguise its influences, Kinect Sports features six main activities: Football, Bowling, Track & Field, Boxing, Volleyball and Table Tennis.

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Rare: We're not a Kinect exclusive dev

Rare: We're not a Kinect exclusive dev

But Kinect the "centrepiece of our strategy".

Rare's next game is Kinect Sports and the studio is one of the motion-sensing add-on's most vocal supporters, but new boss Scott Henson has denied the famed UK company has become a Kinect-exclusive developer.

However, Kinect development is the "centrepiece" of Rare's strategy, Henson, who Microsoft has just announced as Rare's new studio manager, told Eurogamer.

"Kinect will be a key part of the studio's future," he said. "I'm not suggesting it's going to be exclusive, but it will be the centrepiece of our strategy for sure, because there is a lot of opportunity there."

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Xbox veteran takes charge of Rare

Henson swaps Redmond for Birmingham.

One of the chief architects of Xbox's success and development has taken over Kinect Sports developer Rare as studio manager, Microsoft has announced.

FeatureKinect's Kudo Tsunoda

On hybrid games, evolving through firmware and staying relevant.

Microsoft's decision not to have a gamescom press conference may have robbed us of the sight of Kudo Tsunoda doing stage demos by leaping around like a lunatic, but the mile-a-minute spokesperson for Xbox 360's new control system was still buzzing around the "Play Day" the platform holder organised on the edge of town - and still had a lot to say about Kinect ahead of its 10th November launch.

Rare urges core gamers to try Kinect

"All I can say to the core is have a go."

Rare's Kinect development director Nick Burton has encouraged core gamers to try Microsoft's new controller technology rather than dismissing it out of hand.

FeatureRare on Kinect Sports

Nick Burton on how Rare got involved with Kinect and why you should give it a try.

Uninterested? Sceptical? Cynical? Outright angry? It's fair that Rare, the creator of Kinect launch game Kinect Sports, is yet to convince all core gamers, and indeed many old school Rare fans, to dump their Xbox 360 controllers in favour of... Well, themselves.

MS confirms voice control for Kinect

MS confirms voice control for Kinect

Update: After reports suggested otherwise.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect WILL launch with voice control.

In a statement given to Eurogamer Microsoft said: "Voice control is an exciting part of the Kinect for Xbox 360 controller-free experience and we can confirm that it will be available at launch in November 2010.

"Only on Xbox 360 will you be able to navigate the Kinect Hub using your voice to control your movies, TV shows and music. We do not have additional details to share about local voice availability at this time."

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Kinect UK release date announced

Kinect UK release date announced

Update: Microsoft clears up confusion.

UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed Kinect will be released in the UK on 10th November. Glad that's cleared up.

ORIGINAL STORY: Xbox 360 sensor Kinect will be released in the UK on 10th November, Microsoft has announced.

Or is that 17th November? We're not entirely sure.

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Rare: Kinect lag "not an issue"

Past problems overcome, insists studio.

Is lag a problem for Kinect? Not according to Rare, the studio tasked with producing one of its flagship launch titles, Kinect Sports.

Digital FoundryTech Analysis: Kinect

Digital Foundry on latency, CPU overheads and how it all works.

It's the day after the night before, and a chance to reflect on our hands-on playtest of the new Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 platform, contact our sources and attempt to put together some semblance of the technical picture behind the device formerly known as Project Natal.

Kinect out in the US on 4th November

ROW "thereafter". More than 15 launch titles.

Microsoft has announced that Kinect for Xbox 360 will launch on 4th November "starting in North America". According to the press release that accompanied the news, "Kinect will roll out to the rest of the world thereafter."

Microsoft E3 Conference

Full news breakdown inside. New Xbox 360! Forza Kinect! Reach! Kinect date! Fable III date! Loads more.

We're on our way to the conference... Not long now!

Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape, Joy Ride.

New name, new games, and a new beginning for Microsoft's motion controller: Kinect. In the immediate aftermath of the Cirque de Soleil "Project Natal Experience", we had a chance to get hands on, or hands-off as it were [we did that joke last year - Ed], with a small selection of titles set to launch with the camera.

Microsoft shows off Kinect at E3 event

Sports! Star Wars! Dance! Yoga! Tigers!

Microsoft has been showing off the Xbox 360 add-on previously known as Project Natal at a pre-E3 event in Los Angeles. No date or price was discussed at the event, although marketing materials pointed to a November launch.