Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure Reviews

Kinect Rush Review

Kinect Rush Review

Field of dreams?

If you ever want to see what pure, unadulterated excitement looks like, just watch a kid as they enter an empty field. Every time, every kid, they'll run into it, arms outstretched as if they're trying to grab all that wonderful open space at once, eyes wide, imagination expanding like a balloon, bursting with inspiration as they paint their ideas into the real world. It's a humbling sight: a tiny instinctive explosion of creativity that they take totally for granted.

The best children's entertainment fuels that explosion, offering templates and frameworks for the imagination to latch onto. And games? Games are best of all, because they offer unlimited virtual versions of that empty field, awe-inspiring pretend playgrounds where anything is possible.

This is something that Pixar clearly understands. What are its movies if not the starting point for a million make-believe adventures, populated by characters who continue to live and breathe in the imagination once the cinema screen goes dark?

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