Killzone 2 News

Killzone Trilogy spotted for PlayStation 3

Amazon France spills the haricot.

GAME and Gamestation having a "firesale" on pre-owned stock

Killzone 2 48p. Forza 3 for £2. Bulletstorm, Brink for £3 each.

Killzone coming to PlayStation Network

Straight port of PS2 shooter, not an HD remaster.

PlayStation 4 also set for E3 2012 reveal?

Three new machines at one show, says report.

Killzone developers start new studio

Vanguard Entertainment to work on new IP.

Killzone 2 double XP weekend

Developer celebrates anniversary.

Sony declines to comment on Killzone 3

Report says game out next year.

Sony extends PS3 Platinum range

MGS4! MotorStorm 2! Resistance 2! KZ2!

WipEout, Killzone packs top PSN bill

Plus: Shatter and Crystal Defenders.

KZ2 Napalm & Cordite this Thursday

Still no word on price for add-on, though.

Killzone 2 Napalm & Cordite pack soon

Patch arrives tomorrow with downtime.

New Killzone 2 patch to arrive today

Community man explains what it's all about.

Sony unveils more Killzone 2 DLC

Flash and Thunder pack for June.

Japan charts: Monster Hunter 2 riding high

PS3 leads for ninth week in a row.

Wolverine, Killzone head PSN update

Healthy pile of content to sift through.

Killzone 2 hits one million PSN players

Leaderboards point to high uptake.

Sony prices Killzone 2 DLC

Six dollars in US. Europe waits.

Killzone 2 patch on Wednesday

Play with Japanese, loads of tweaks.

Price for Killzone 2 DLC still TBC

But you will have to pay for it, says Sony.

First DLC for Killzone 2 announced

Two new multiplayer maps on the way.

Killzone 2 patch arriving this week

Plus: PSN ID bans for cheaters.

Sony 2009 line-up is "relentless, AAA"

Man also thinks KZ2 will convert 360 fans.

UK chart: Killzone 2 beats Halo Wars

Sony's first number one since GOWII.

Sony infects the web with Killzone 2

Browser plug-in aims to build excitement.

The Killzone 2 tourbus is coming

To Brighton, Birmingham and Manchester.

Killzone 2 servers are not live - Sony

No problem with promo copies.

PSN update: Killzone 2 demo tops bill

Plus: Burnout Paradise, DLC, wallpapers.

Killzone 2 demo due at 5pm today

Plus: try out Halo Wars right now.

Euro Killzone 2 demo on Thursday

Play the first bits of Corinth River.

Sony confirms UK date for Killzone 2

Hardware bundle on the way too.

Killzone 2 PS3 bundle confirmed for UK

Sony still quiet on game's release date.

Killzone 2 demo due day before launch

In the US. Still no word on Europe.

Pre-release Euro Killzone 2 demo likely

US gamers have to pre-order for access.

Sony coy on Euro Killzone 2 date

Targeting "similar timeframe" to US.

Win tickets to see Aliens, play Killzone 2

Sony event, Leicester Square, tonight.

No hard drive install for Killzone 2

None at all. Optional or otherwise.

Killzone 2 beta to end on Sunday

Last testing phase, but demo possible.

Killzone 2 beta gets underway

Community and press invited to the party.

Killzone 2 multiplayer beta will happen

Game has eight maps, six classes, more.

Killzone 2 date a "management decision"

Moved to 2009 to make more money.

Killzone 2 gets release date

It's out early next year.

Killzone 2 release date "not gospel"

Guerrilla encourages salt grain consumption.

Killzone 2 coming in September

Sony refreshes release schedule.

Killzone 2 E3 2005 trailer "not false"

Guerrilla adamant it served a purpose.

Killzone 2 shots 'touched up'

But hang on, calm down.

Killzone 2 beta now 2008

Makes sense, really.

Killzone 2 chars, cover system

More details on how it works.

E3: Killzone 2 trailer tomorrow

Due on PlayStation Network.

First Killzone 2 image shown

Single-level demo at E3.

Sony clarifies PS3 game dates

Semi-official blog not quite right.

Killzone PS3 backed by DLC

As dev costs rival a feature film.

Sony acquires Killzone dev

PSP instalment on the way.

Killzone PS3 mail 'a hoax'

Says Killzone PS3 developer.