Killer is Dead News

Suda 51's Killer is Dead hits PC in May

UPDATE: Release date updated, now two weeks away.

New Killer is Dead trailer totally slays me

The latest videos show off extensively gameplay.

Killer is Dead DLC will contain a unicorn and a vampire

Get ready to tackle “The Man Who Stole Blood."

Killer is Dead slated for August in Europe

New trailer reveals Gigolo Mode as a pervier Detective Mode.

Killer is Dead to feature yakuza riding tigers and 'Gigolo Mode'

"We're trying for a game that really sums up Japanese action."

Suda51 reveals new Killer is Dead details

UPDATE: Trailer released. Looks absolutely gorgeous.

Grasshopper, Suda 51 reveal new project Killer is Dead

Assassination-focused game to follow Lollipop Chainsaw.