Killer 7

Earlier this year, developer Grasshopper Manufacture teased that its free-to-play PS4 hack-and-slasher Let It Die would be hosting a crossover event with Capcom's cult classic Killer7. That event is now live, and runs until May 24th.

Suda51 blames publisher problems for low game sales

Shadows of the Damned, Killer7 and No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacturer has suffered lower-than-hoped sales for its games due to the way publishers treat its games, boss Goichi "Suda51" Suda has claimed.

Grasshopper has worked with some of the biggest publishers in the industry - EA, Capcom, Warner Bros and Microsoft - but the size difference between them and Grasshopper was sometimes a problem, Suda told GamesIndustry International.

"Grasshopper does have a very strong base; it's just that because we were so indie, publishers were always [treating us] differently," Suda said.

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FeatureRetrospective: Killer7

Try it, you might hate it.

"At best, playing the game is like having someone shout in your ear for 15 hours straight. At worst, it's like getting a high colonic with balsamic vinegar."

FeatureSuda51 and the rise of Grasshopper Manufacture

No More Heroes' maniac creator lays out his masterplan.

Things are changing at Grasshopper Manufacture. Two years ago it was a modest one-project-at-a-time Japanese studio, with only a sequel to boisterous Wii actioner No More Heroes sitting in its out-tray. Fast forward to 2011 and Eurogamer is sat in an exclusive bar in central Tokyo as famously flamboyant CEO Suda51 shows off not one, not two but nine new projects - all untested IP - currently at various stages of completion.

FeatureGrasshopper's Suda51

On Shadows of the Damned and more.

Goichi Suda has produced an amazingly eclectic body of work in his time. It includes a survival horror / erotic photography mashup, three games about lightsaber-wielding serial killers and an adventure title about a guy with a suitcase named Catherine. And yet he's still perhaps most famous for conducting interviews while on the bog.

No Killer 7 for Wii

Capcom admits web blooper.

Capcom has held its hands up in apology this afternoon after misleading people into believing Killer 7 was heading to Wii.

Killer 7 dev's Wii title

Goichi's working on Heroes.

Suda Goichi, designer of Capcom's Killer 7 title on the GameCube, has announced that his team is working on a new original title for Wii that missed an appearance on the E3 show floor at the last minute, for reasons unknown.

Killer 7

Killer 7

Kristan and Tom share the same page, if not the same brain.

Kristan's take...

Few game creators could ever or would ever get away with conceiving a game that pushes its stylistic vision to the forefront of the experience, but that's exactly what Capcom and co-conspirators Grasshopper have done with Killer 7.

In many senses, Killer 7 distances itself as far as possible from the videogaming herd while also being an incredibly focused and back to basics shooter at heart; you just have to unravel a few obtuse layers to get there. While many games before it have played around with cel-shading and have made striking visual statements, few have thrown so many radical design changes at us in one go and expected the audience to take them on board.

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Killer 7

Magnificent 7? Killer app? We find out.

Killer 7 is arguably the most audacious piece of game design ever. Not that it's an especially complicated game - we'll try and demystify it in a moment - but simply that it's one of the few games that has been designed around the artwork with very few compromises.