Kerbal Space Program News

Whew, NASA big delay for Kerbal Space Program 2

Suppose we'll have to wait orbit longer.

Valve hired former Kerbal Space Program developers

UPDATE: Squad is not joining Valve, only some ex-KSP devs moved over.

The brilliant Kerbal Space Program console release date

UPDATE: Out on Xbox One this week but not PS4 in Europe.

Kerbal Space Program set to land on Wii U

Nintendo posts, then pulls trailer.

Kerbal Space Program is coming to PS4

"Space is for everyone, regardless of how you prefer to play."

Kerbal Space Program is finally getting a v1.0 launch

Here's a NASAcery date for your diary.

Kerbal Space Program finally in beta

"Hitting 1.0 is within sight."

Kerbal Space Program lands on various schools' curriculum

From the company that brought you MinecraftEdu.

Kerbal Space Program launches Career Mode with its latest update

It's not rocket science. Oh wait! Nevermind. It is!

Kerbal Space Program dev pledges free expansions after fan outcry

"A heartfelt apology to all those who felt wronged."

Kerbal Space Program dev explains update plans after fan fury at paid-for expansion

Apologises for suggesting features could be delayed for post-release content.