Kameo: Elements of Power News

Rare Replay reveals the Kameo 2 we never got

Plus: get a glimpse of canned kart racer Fast and the Furriest.

Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony

New creative director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Kameo 2 artwork leaks

Get a glimpse of cancelled Rare sequel.

Rare: We should have scrapped Kameo

Plus, still gets hate mail from Nintendo fans.

Moore defends Rare's Xbox work

PDZ, Kameo, Viva Pińata all good.

New Kameo deck for UNO

Including new swapsies card.

New Kameo skins for download

Design-A-Skin contest winners.

Kameo Power Pack released

Three new modes, 400 points.

Kameo Power Pack coming soon

New co-op modes, achievements.

Online co-op for Kameo

On the way very soon.

Extra Kameo content unveiled

Download a Santa outfit.

Hear Kameo's story

In a series of podcasts.

More videogame movies coming

Kameo and a new Resi flick.

UK X360 trio at launch?

Gotham 3, Kameo, Perfect Dark.

Rare's Kameo slips yet again

Two years on and Microsoft's $375 million deal for the UK studio is looking more expensive by the day...