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Face-Off: Just Cause 2

A first generation game on Xbox 360, Avalanche Studios' 2006 vintage Just Cause exhibited impressive open world technology let down by somewhat repetitive gameplay. Fast forward three-and-a-half years and the sequel is with us, improved in all areas, bursting with "content" and simply joyous to play. On top of that, it's no longer console exclusive on Xbox 360. There's a PlayStation 3 rendition too, complete with its own unique features.

In the rush before GDC we had just enough time to take a quick look at the Xbox 360 and PS3 demos, but a longer, deeper look at the full retail versions of both games reveals a range of differences between the two versions, which we'll examine in greater depth in this piece. Lest we forget, there's also a PC version too, with Avalanche keen to show that they're taking the platform seriously with an implementation of the new Just Cause engine that scales impressively to accommodate base-level gaming rigs all the way up to i7-powered multi-GPU monstrosities.

First things first: it's time to wheel out the usual range of comparison assets. That would be a very nice triple-format comparison gallery (with PC version on max settings, naturally), along with a series of head-to-head vids. Here's the first, featuring Xbox 360 up against the PlayStation 3. Note that there may be small lighting and cloud-cover variations owing to the time-of-day system the game employs.

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