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Yakuza's detective-themed spin-off Judgment gets a June release date on PS4

Yakuza's detective-themed spin-off Judgment will be heading to PlayStation 4 on June 25th, Sega has announced.

Judgement is the work of regular Yakuza developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, and follows the adventures of Takayuki Yagami, an ex-defence-attorney turned private detective. And because there's apparently no such thing as a happy PI, Yagami is "haunted by the demons of his past".

Yagami takes a turn into the world of Yakuza when he begins investigating a serial murder in the Tokyo district of Kamurocho - the primary setting for the Yakuza games. What unfolds is an action-adventure that borrows certain elements from the core series, including a fighting system similar to that of Yakuza Zero, with an added focus on investigation. "Search for clues, collect evidence, track down criminals, and bust some heads", says Sega.

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