Jubeat Plus

Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Death! Jubeat! Frogs! Maddening! Spirits!

You're probably wondering where the promised Windows Phone 7 coverage is, right? The problem is partly that the games are too damned good. We figured that, rather than slip a couple into this week's roundup, we'd save them up and review all the best launch offerings in one go, providing a definitive guide to the gaming on the platform. [Kristan WILL do this next week. -Ed.]

On the plus side, it means that we've had a chance to take a look at some rather tempting new titles elsewhere – the best being the iPad-only Jubeat Plus, a Japanese 'Bemani' rhythm action arcade game that the West saw only very briefly last year.

The rest include some rather tasty puzzle games, such as the gorgeous Ancient Frog, which is a very welcome new addition to Android, and another iPad exclusive, Spirits, which gives Apple fans yet another reason to feel happy about their slab.

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