Journey News

PlayStation Plus' free September offerings include Journey, Lords of the Fallen

Also: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Datura, and Badland.

Limited Edition Journey statue available for $150

Only ships to North America though.

Journey PS4 out later this month

With Cross-Buy support.

Flower, FlOw and Journey headed to PS4 on disc

Journey also getting standalone release, now 60fps.

Journey and The Unfinished Swan confirmed for PS4

Santa Monica studio games coming as remasters in the near future.

God of War dev Sony Santa Monica moving, expanding

270-person team relocating to space "4 or 5 times the size".

Journey has finally become profitable, Chen says

After thatgamecompany almost bankrupted itself making it.

Journey: Collector's Edition gets UK physical release tomorrow

Flower! flOw! Exclusive mini-games! Special features!

Watch the BAFTA Game Awards live on Eurogamer

UPDATE: Dishonored takes top honours, but Journey scoops up five awards.

BAFTA 2013 video game nominations revealed

Journey, The Walking Dead, Far Cry 3 and Dear Esther highly praised.

thatgamecompany's next game will be multiplatform

"I think to have a financial success... it has to be much bigger than a game on the PlayStation platform."

TGC: Journey Collector's Edition not coming out in Europe

"It would be very hard to not lose buckets of money."

Journey Collector's Edition innards confirmed

UPDATE: TGC reveals US release date, box art.

PS3 exclusive Journey Compilation spotted

UPDATE: thatgamecompany confirms 3-title collection.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters on EU PlayStation Store

Plus: Modern Warfare 3 DLC! Magic 2013! Journey demo!

Journey studio raises $5.5 million, goes multiplatform

Thatgamecompany now fully independent.

PSone Classics coming to PS Vita this summer

Plus overhaul offers instant game collection to members for $5 a month.

Journey creator: "Games are not good enough for adults"

Jenova Chen calls for more "intellectual stimulation".

Sony: "our primary PSN audience is indeed more adult"

Journey maker Jenova Chen nods head vigorously.

Journey tops March PSN sales chart

Escape Plan is still the most downloaded Vita game.

Journey becomes fastest selling US PSN game ever

UPDATE: fastest selling in Europe, too.

Co-founder Kellee Santiago leaves Journey dev Thatgamecompany

UPDATE: Producer Robin Hunicke also departs.

FIFA Street 49.99 on EU PlayStation Store

Journey launches, Flower and flOw on sale.

No plans for Journey PlayStation Vita version

Flower dev's latest finally blooms next month.

Journey's dev-journey a finished journey

Beautiful PSN exclusive to follow Flower, Flow.

EA: multiplayer now an "expectation"

But single-player only isn't dead.

Journey developer on games as art debate

"All games are art," says Robin Hunicke.

Journey delayed to spring 2012

"Still a ton of care and polish needed."

PlayStation Access hits Birmingham

Play Team Ico HD Collection early.

PlayStation Access tour announced

Resistance 3, Ico in London, Birmingham.

How to get in the Journey beta

US first, then Europe. Do you qualify?

Journey dev: shooters are "not useful"

Chen rips into lazy online FPS design.

Flower dev doing online adventure

Journey due out for PS3 in 2011.