Journey Features

Feature | How Journey only truly made sense when almost everything had been cut

"Most PlayStation usernames aren't very inspiring..."

Feature | Robin Hunicke's extraordinary journey

From Spielberg's postman to discovering Katamari, Journey's lead designer's wild voyage of discovery.

Digital Foundry | Face-Off: Journey on PS4

Improved gameplay vs PS3, but has the remaster compromised thatgamecompany's original vision?

Feature | Video: ABZ█ is a Journey under the sea

Darling, it's better down where it's wetter.

Feature | Developers' Games of 2012

Levine! Molyneux! Dean Hall!

Feature | Games of 2012: Journey

The road less travelled.

Feature | Actual New Games of 2012: The Half-Time Verdict

We pass judgement on the candidates from January and add a few to the list.

Feature | Jenova Chen: Journeyman

From the archive: Journey's creative director on his quest to become the best gamemaker in the world.

Feature | Game of the Week: Journey

If only you could talk to the people?

Feature | Actual New Games of 2012

Wonder and joy, please.

Feature | GameCity Discussions: Indie Kids

thatgamecompany's Hunicke and Retro City Rampage on life as an indie.

Feature | A Hero's Journey

Jenova Chen's mission to revolutionise multiplayer.

Feature | Journey

A line in the sand.

Feature | Journey

Not the band.