Joint Task Force

Joint Task Force

Joint Task Force

Common goals.

Stories: like sequences of events strung into some kind of structure. Joint Task Force has a story, and it's a story of redemption. (Square jaw, thousand-yard stare into smoky sunset...) And it's about fighting.

Joint Task Force is hero-based strategising, with your soldier chap leading the real-time fighting from the front and muttering his way through the cinematics in a voice-acted parody, far from the way real soldiers talk (have you seen them on the news?) In these scenes his international combat club is pitched against both petty despotism and the 'pettiness' of the media, all the while intending to do right by the people he's previously caused harm - the innocents caught up in conflict. What JTF would like to show you (with its sequence of events) is that the men in the field can't always live up to such good intentions. Theirs is a life of hard decisions, and the unblinking eye of international attention will judge them harshly whether they mean to do good or ill. The television is the final arbiter of modern war.

Joint Task Force wants you to buy into these ideas, and more. Some of these ideas are good, but others are just okay. Then there are others that are as memorable as last year's sofa-sale advertising.

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Joint Task Force demo

Two missions.

Vivendi and Mithis' upcoming PC strategy title Joint Task Force, which adopts a more action-oriented stance (perhaps it's standing with a leg up on a stack of Die Hards), has thrown up a demo.

Joint Task Force

Talking war with the creators of Vivendi's new RTS.

Vincent Van Diemen, the producer of forthcoming RTS Joint Task Force, is a man who likes to ask questions. Some of these questions relate to big, important, global issues, such as what really causes wars, where they're really fought and what role the media plays in it all. Others are of a rather less important nature - such as why, more than three years after its release, people are STILL playing Command & Conquer Generals. But the question that appears to be pressing most on Van Diemen's mind right now, as you might expect, is whether or not people are going to like his new game.

Joint Task Force

E3: The world's first anti-war RTS?

It's not unusual to hear a developer claim that their latest game puts a new twist on an old genre. But Vincent van Diemen, producer of Joint Task Force, reckons that his latest effort not only takes RTS gameplay in a new direction, but throws a brand new element into the mix; JTF, it seems, is a game with a political message.