Joe Danger 2: The Movie


Joe Danger 1 and 2 out on PlayStation Vita Q2 2014

Four Door Lemon handling the port.

Joe Danger 2's Undead Movie Pack DLC is out now

Adds 15 new stages and six characters.

Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie PC release dates announced

UPDATE: Will include TF2 characters and Minecraft-themed levels.

Hello Games working on a next-gen game that isn't Joe Danger 3

Meanwhile, the first two games are on their way to Steam.

Joe Danger 2 PS3 release date confirmed

Plus! The 10 hours of extra content is detailed.

Joe Danger 2 coming to PS3, has 10 hours of extra content

"If there's a piece of advice I would now give, it's don't ever piss off PlayStation fans."

Joe Danger 2 confirmed for September release

Gone for gold, coming very soon.

Feature | Joe Danger 2 The Movie Preview: Welcome to the Danger Zone

Multiplayer, new vehicles and a little something else are all in for Hello Games' sequel.

Feature | Loving the Crunch

Making games needn't be painful says Sean Murray in his latest EG column.

Feature | Introducing Hello Games

Sean Murray offers an exclusive insight into indie development.

Hello Games casts doubt on leaked Joe Danger 2: The Movie XBL release date

"It's unlikely we'll release it before it's finished."

Why Joe Danger: Special Edition tweaks are 360-exclusive

Hello Games: PSN patch would be "impractical".

Podcast | Podcast #90: Joe Danger

Sean Murray visits to talk Joe Danger: The Movie and the XBLA Special Edition. Plus: getting arrested.

First Joe Danger spotted for Xbox Live Arcade

PlayStation Network game heading to Xbox.

Video | EG Expo Behind Closed Doors: Indie Day

With the creators of Joe Danger and Hard Lines.