Ironclad Tactics

Ironclad Tactics review

"No plan survives first contact with the enemy," or so said Helmuth von Moltke, one of the great military minds of the 19th century. Von Moltke was on the wrong side of the Atlantic to witness the American Civil War, but he would've no doubt insisted that his aphorism applied to conflicts everywhere, even those that featured alternate histories with airships and automata, decks and dealing. In any battle, improvisation is key.

Such are the technologies and trappings of Ironclad Tactics, which puts a steampunk spin on 1860s America. As it stomps its way around the States, it places an ever-growing array of weird and wonderful war machines at your command, all of them represented in a colourful, cartoon style. From this roster, it's your job to assemble armies that will stride to victory.

Ironclad Tactics are tabletop tactics, as all of this functions via the mechanics of a collectible card game. Each unit is a card, each card has a deployment cost and each army is a deck of these cards that has been custom-built by its owner. As well as the great puffing buckets of bolts that are the ironclads, some cards also represent attachments such as armour and weapons, or smaller, nimbler support units that scuttle about the battlefield.

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