Invisible, Inc. Videos

The nice thing about running the Eurogamer YouTube channel is that we can get away with doing game of the year a little differently. Eschewing the voting process whereby one game is selected (and thereby ensuring we don't end up murdering one another), each member of the video team has made a video about their personal game of 2015.

VideoThe games of 2015 we (shamefully) missed

In this week's Eurogamer show.

With 2015 rapidly drawing to a close (seriously, where has this year gone?), we at Eurogamer are faced with the difficult task of picking a game of the year. And as Chris and I discovered, there's nothing quite like combing through the year's releases to make you realise how many games you haven't played.

Plenty of games take advantage of players being a little too greedy, but I've been especially impressed by the way in which The Swindle and Invisible, Inc. manage it. Both of these games feature an ominous countdown, warning of a challenging final mission on the horizon, and it's these countdowns that get inside your head.

VideoVideo: The final mission of Invisible, Inc.

Bratt and Donlan take an early look!

Invisible, Inc. is now just days away from its full release, which brings with it a whole list of new goodies to play with. Expect new agents, items, voiceover, opening cinematics and importantly, a story driven final mission. Loads of NICE STUFF.