Infinity Blade News

Infinity Blade coming to Xbox One in China - report

UPDATE: First footage leaks online.

Infinity Blade is free for a week

Equip a Valentine's Day helm for the romantic badass in all of us.

Infinity Blade is Epic's most profitable franchise ever

"In terms of man years invested versus revenue."

Infinity Blade's Chair: "we're in the golden age of gaming"

"Everywhere I look I have really fun games I can play."

Infinity Blade franchise nets Epic $30 million

Sequel makes $5 million in its first month.

Infinity Blade arcade cabinet unveiled

Coin-op release for Epic's iOS hit.

Infinity Blade 2 announced

Sequel to Epic's iOS hit in December.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple boss

Tim Cook named new CEO.

Epic: "we will never be a publisher"

Will make games "for the foreseeable".

15bn apps downloaded from App Store

More than 200m iOS devices worldwide.

Bleszinski: Gears isn't Epic's legacy

More than a "f***ing chainsaw gun".

Huge Infinity Blade update this week

Multiplayer, new modes, more items.

Epic rules out Infinity Blade on Android

"Google needs to be a little more evil."

Chair: iPad 2 is "a game-changer"

"Butter-smooth" Infinity Blade update detailed.

Infinity Blade designed for toilet play

Numb legs taken into consideration.

iPad 2, iPhone 5 have multi-core power?

Rumoured specs show serious grunt.

Game of the Week

To infinity, and repeat.

Infinity Blade started life as Kinect game

Future Xbox 360 version not ruled out.

Infinity Blade dev's Ender's Game tabled

Adaptation of sci-fi novel on indefinite hold.

First Infinity Blade DLC detailed

New weapons, enemies due next week.

Epic releases Unreal Engine iOS tools

Make your own Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade makes $1.64m in 5 days

Fastest-grossing App ever?

Epic confirms Infinity Blade date

It'll take a slice out of your wallet.

iPhone Gears of War possible "in 2 years"

Epic taking Apple's device very seriously.

Epic unsheaths Infinity Blade

What the Shadow Complex team did next.

Epic Citadel downloaded one million times

Epic off to a good start on iPhone/iPad.