Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis's DC-flavoured play for the saturated MOBA market adapts but never really innovates.

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Infinite Crisis review

Infinite Crisis review

War of the worlds.

It's said that the curse started when George Keefer Brewer died at 45 years old, in circumstances that to this day remain unclear. Brewer, an Iowa native, all broad shoulders and a wide grin, is better known for his role as the favourite son of Krypton during the first television iteration of Superman. You've probably heard his name before in the context of The Superman Curse, which today is used as shorthand to describe the terrible fate that befalls those involved in creative adaptations of the franchise.

The Superman Curse, according to the esteemed members of the press, results in death, illness and bad luck. It's all a load of crap, of course. But I think you'd be hard-pressed to argue that 30-odd years of failed Superman games doesn't look mighty curse-like. From 1978's Superman for the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo 64's Superman, considered to be one of the worst games of all time, few games starring the man of steel have ever been commercially successful.

Infinite Crisis is the latest in this troubled lineage. It's a MOBA, one of those laning battle arena games, that asks for two teams of five players to battle it out as heroes of the DC universe. It's also very loosely connected to a short-lived comic of the same name which introduces the story of multiverses and alternate dimension heroes. Against a backdrop of The Green Lantern's Coast City home, Infinite Crisis takes dozens of characters from strange and varied universes, and asks you to learn the fundamentals of MOBA play. It's a simple premise: throttle super dogs and throw cars at Batman until you find your way to the enemy base and take out their core. Warring superfolk give perfect context for the sort of mad aggression you find in MOBAs.

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DC MOBA Infinite Crisis gets Steam release date

Turbine's DC universe MOBA Infinite Crisis launches on Steam on 26th March, Warner Bros. has announced.

The game has been in open beta for around a year but not available on Valve's platform. The Steam page is up now.

"We have designed, updated, and tuned almost every facet of the game based on player feedback and we are now ready to officially launch the game on 26th March," executive producer Jeffrey Steefel said.

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Infinite Crisis open beta announced

Infinite Crisis open beta announced

Launches with Green Arrow, Mecha Superman and Aquaman.

DC-themed multiplayer online battle arena game Infinite Crisis goes into open beta on 14th March, Warner Bros. has announced.

The open beta for Turbine's free-to-play MOBA launches alongside a new update and the release of Green Arrow, Mecha Superman and Aquaman.

Paul Dean went hands-on with Infinite Crisis for Eurogamer this week.

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My first thought when sitting down to play Infinite Crisis was that, if nothing else, Turbine's superhero MOBA would serve very well as a sort of superhero sandbox, a place where long-standing disagreements about who's toughest could finally and definitively be resolved. How would the Green Lantern fare against Harley Quinn? Would Batman really beat Superman in a fight? But wait, which Batman, exactly? Which Superman?

Pay to get immediate closed beta access to Turbine's DC MOBA

Turbine's a good developer and DC superheroes are pretty snazzy, so the new MOBA Infinite Crisis, in theory, could turn out OK.

Founder packages for the game have just been announced and they offer, among other things, immediate access to the closed beta test. But you need to pay for them, although Infinite Crisis, when it launches later this year on PC, will be a free-to-play game.

The three Founder packages range from £15 to £37.50 to £75. The more you pay, the more friends you can invite to the closed beta and the more characters you'll be able to fight as. Increasing amounts of in-game dosh are dished out for each tier as well.

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Turbine unveils a DC Comics MOBA called Infinite Crisis

Lord of the Rings Online studio Turbine has unveiled its new game: a free-to-play DC Comics MOBA called Infinite Crisis.

Due this autumn on PC, it brings to the fray a collection of well-known superheroes as well as twisted versions of them: Nightmare Batman and Gaslight (Steampunk) Batman to name a couple.

The roster as listed on the game's website: Nightmare Batman, Doomsday, Flash, Gaslight Batman, Gaslight Catwoman, Gaslight Joker, Green Lantern, Poison Ivy, Shazam, The Joker, Wonderwoman and Zatana.

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